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Bollywood mafia

Why Bollywood lost its charm?

Bollywood is currently stuck in the age-old habit of the same gravy in a new pot but people due to social media and communication networks are not falling into the trap of it.

Why Aamir Khan is wrong

Whether spitting on the hands of heroines before film shoot or meeting controversial Pakistani Islamic preacher Tariq Jameel or turning blind eye on regressive and medieval era practices like triple talaq in Muslim society, Aamir Khan’s dubious character has been exposed now.

The Kashmir Files is the surgical strike on Bollywood

PM Modi’s rise in Indian politics was the counter narrative that challenged the status quo. When he speaks in Hindi in UN, he is making a statement that we are moving away from being in the race of best imitators.

A deceit called Bollywood

Don’t be tolerant to mediocrity from Bollywoodians – walk away from a shitty movie instead of trying to recover the ticket price by watching it until the skimpy-dressed lady in the item song comes on screen or until till the end credits start to roll.

Bollywood’s nationalism to gans”terisim”

Our youth needs to understand that being a soldier being a nationalists is the biggest pride an human could ever have.

Bollywood shall reinvent itself

Bollywood has miserably failed to project woman more than an object to spice the glam content of the movie. How many movies do we remember where we have heroine as a meaningful part of the whole story leave aside as the lead character.

नॉटी मत बोलना, भैयाजी

पुरुषवादी सोच वाले मीडिया चैनलों, जनता और तीन तीन सरकारी जांच एजेंसियों ने मिलकर एक निर्दोष अभिनेत्री को ड्रग्स के आरोपों में जेल में डलवा दिया।

Bollywood: The unofficial oligarchy

So-called loving family Bollywood claims to be is in actuality an oligarchy ruled by tyrannical bigots- India’s dirtiest industry is one of the very places in the world where adopting neutrality and turning your back to scathing evidence is what ensures your safety.

Mafias of Bollywood

If you're a new comer without any godfather and refuse to compromise on your set of beliefs, you become target of the mafias.

Is nepotism in Bollywood a genuine problem or a propaganda to hide something?

Just last year, Mr. Rahul Gandhi the epitome of nepotism, whose only qualification is that he is a part of Gandhi-Nehru family, was contesting for the place of the Prime Minister of India; not just any post but the top most post. Not only did he contest, more than 10 crore people voted for him

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