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Bollywood’s nationalism to gans”terisim”

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In recent months we have seen Bollywood’s dark secrets the drug scandal nepotism and many but we are unable to view the biggest and the worst dark secret of Bollywood the shift from nationalism to gunda gardi or gangsterism.

Years ago we had films which used to portray nationalism but then an era came where smoking, drinking and sex were the main part of film no nation love or madness towards army. Years ago the films like Border were famous for their nationalism but then the Once Upon a time in Mumbai, D-company and other films came which influenced young minds into smoking and doing all the wrong things in the name of coolness and yet a particular lobby was silent and supporting them cause if they opposed their funding would be stopped

Today when nationalists films like Gold, Kesari, Holiday: An soldier never off duty- run on big screens people say it’s high dose of nationalism and in the mean time films like D-company which portrays the life style of terrorist earns more than a hundred cores but Kesari doesn’t. Even we are influenced by that era of Bollywood where smoking and alcohol are cool and good but joining an army isn’t

Our youth needs to understand that being a soldier being a nationalists is the biggest pride an human could ever have.

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