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Opportunity to turn crisis into opportunity- “Atma Nirbhar Abhiyan”

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State Executive Committee Member, State Media Panelist , State In-Charge for Policy & Research ,Mahila Morcha BJP Andhra Pradesh

Any crisis gives diverse options, but the choice of selecting the option depends on individual. Crisis also brings out and tests the leaderships. World succumbed to unprecedented corona crisis. Corona crisis caused a lot of unexpected devastation of health and economy globally which led to lot of fear. People are caught in confusing sad situation of saving lives or livelihoods. Prime minister took and implemented timely decisions taking care of lives and livelihood. Initially government implemented lockdown when cases were reported in hundreds curtailing spread of corona and saving lives. Few weeks later, Modi government brought 1.7 lakh crores“Garib kalyana Yojana” Package to take care of poor and later 20 lakh crores “Atma Nirbhar Abhiyan” to revive livelihoods and economies. It constitutes 10% of GDP. These packages aim at supporting needy from every sector and reviving livelihoods and economy. Leading the nation, PM Modi has taken such bold decisions to save lives and reviving economy.

Government has given utmost importance in taking care of the migrants, daily wage laborers, farmers and the poor and addressed the needs through 1.7 lakh crores “Garib Kalyan Yojana”. Ration of 5kgs rice/wheat and 1 kg pulses per person for 3 months was provided for migrant labors with 3500 crores and also for all ration card holders. The garib kalyan yojana has been extended for three months to a total 6 months.Till now 18000 crores worth cereals and pulses have been distributed to 8 crores migrants and 69 crores ration card holders.

Even the poor without ration cards also got ration under this scheme. One nation one ration card will be implemented soon helping 67 crores (83%) people. A total of 52606 crores has been transferred to 41 crores Jan dhan accounts. Through PM Kisaan Yojana 2000 rupees has been transferred to 8.7 crore farmers and peasants. Through Ujwala scheme poor women got free LPG cylinders for 3 months. Centre has given 11000 crores to states for providing 3 times meals, shelter and basic needs to migrant laborers. PM Awaas yojana houses to be provided to migrant laborers, daily wage earners and urban poor at nominal minimal rents. Central government has arranged buses and Shramik Express trains for the migrants to reach to native places. Central government has allowed 5 crore employees registered under EPF scheme to withdraw up to 75% of total or 3 months’ salary. Center has allotted 15,000 crores for emergency health package to fight corona

A package of 6 lakh crores was allotted for MSMEs, tax payers, DISCOMS, NBFCs, real estate and contractors. Government allotted 3 lakh crores to revive the stressed MSMEs which were in financial stress due to lock down. The limits of MSMEs have been increased and industries with investment value of 25 crores and turnover of 100 crores are eligible under this scheme and they will be provided additional credit amount, new loans without any collateral or guarantee. Central government shall bear the guarantee for such loans. An amount of 20000 crores has been allotted to 2 lakhs stressed SMEs and NPAs. To promote growth potential of MSMEs Funds of funds worth 50000 crores was created to provide equity funding. To boost MSMEs government has decided to stop global tenders for government tenders worth below 200 crores. Central government paid total 24% (12% contribution of employee & 12% of employer) of salary as provident fund for companies having below 100 employees for 6 months with salaries up to 15000.

This will provide 2500 crores benefit to 72.2 lakh employees. Collateral free loan limit has been increased from 10 lakhs to 20 lakhs for Self-help groups run by women. Central government has extended duration to file income tax returns to November 30. Percentage of TDS has been reduced from 10% to 7.5%. Interest rates on Mudra-shishu loans have been reduced by 2% for 12 months providing 1500 crores benefit for micro industries. Credit linked subsidy scheme on housing loans providing 6.5% subsidy on interest rates for those with annual income of 6-18 lakhs is extended to March 31,2021. Credit of 10,000 rupees to be provided to 50 lakhs street vendors India wide. Firms with 10 employees also will be covered under ESI.

Center has taken decisions to boost income of farmers. Two lakh crores to be disbursed through Kisaan credit cards to provide loans at lesser interest rates. 2.5 crores farmers, fisher men, shepherds   NABARD to provide loans to 3.5 crores small farmers and peasants through 30,000 crores emergency capital fund. This is in addition to already given 90,000 crores loans given by NABARD to small farmers and peasants. Migrant laborer in villages to be provided works of planting trees, building cattle sheds, developing orchards through MNREGA scheme. An amount of 1.63 lakh crores has been allotted for the development of agriculture and allied industries. Methods in which farmers can sell their crops directly to consumers will be developed and one lakh fund is allotted to develop infrastructure accordingly.

PM Matsya Sampada Yojana has been started with 20000 crores to promote fisheries and marketing with a goal to increase output of fisheries by 70 lakhs tons, doubling exports to one lakh crores providing jobs to 55 lakhs. Ten thousand crores were allotted to 2 lakh micro food enterprises for branding of food products in clusters. To control brucellosis & Foot and mouth disease in animals 13,343 crores allotted to National Animal Disease Control Program. To promote dairy infrastructure 15,000 crores allotted. National Medicinal plants Board to promote cultivation of medicinal plants and herbs in 10 lakh hectares with 4,000 crores. Cultivation of honey bees and marketing of honey, wax,etc..will be promoted with 500 crores to provide livelihood to 2 lakhs rural farmers and women.

“TOP to TOTAL” scheme is launched with 500 crores to extend 50% subsidy being given on transport and storage of Tomato, Onion and Potato (TOP) to all vegetables. Essential commodities act has been modified by an ordinance removing pulses, cereals, oilseeds, edible oils, onions, potatoes from the list of essential commodities. This benefits farmers by allowing them to sell their crop across India at the price and place of their choice. Farmers also can sell any where in nation and states cannot charge for the interstate sale now. Farmers can enter into agreements with firms or persons at the time of sowing crop for which farmers will have legal protection. If the prices increase after agreement, the benefits have to be transferred to farmers. E marketing, branding and online sales of Agri products will be promoted to reduce involvement of middle men. All these measures are aimed at doubling the income of farmers in next few years.

Government has given importance to infra structure, business, health and education sectors. An amount of 40,000 crores is allotted to MNREGA scheme in addition to already allotted 60,000 crores increasing budget to one lakh crores to provide 300 crore working days for migrants, daily wage earners and laborers. Daily wage under MNREGA scheme has been increased from 180 rupees per day to 212 rupees per day. Social infrastructure projects Viability Gap funding by government has been increased from 20 to 30% with 8,100 crores. Mining of minerals will be taken under Public Private Partnership (PPP). Union health ministry released 4,114 crores for corona control. Health sector to be strengthened at basic ground level. Medical labs to be set up at mandal level. Research in health to be promoted through ICMR. An amount of 550 crores has been allotted for research on kits and tests.

Online education system to be promoted by PM -E Vidya and Mano Darpan projects. A separate channel to be started for students of first class to twelfth class. Separate E – education system to be started for students with hearing and vision problems. Businesses adversely affected due to corona crisis shall be exempted from Insolvency and Bankruptcy (I&B) code for 1 year. Duration of incompliance of non-repayment of EMIs of loans to declare NPAs increased from 90 days to 180 days. Decriminalization of company acts, changing I & B code rules and bringing reforms for promoting industries and ease of doing business. Measures to promote easy listing of companies in stock exchange.

National Companies Law Appellate Tribunal (NCLT) to establish additional benches for easier fast resolution of cases and to decrease fines on small companies, start ups and single person owned companies. Revenue deficits of 12,390 crores to states shall be allotted to states by center. Ways and means advance limit of states increased to 60%. Overdraft duration of states increased from 14 to 21 days. We were importing PPE kits and N95 masks in March. India is able to produce 5 lakh PPE kits and masks a day by June. Government is taking steps to promote local products for domestic purpose and exports. PM Modi himself addressed the citizens to “Go Local, Vocal for Global”.

Entire world is facing corona health crisis and unexpected economic slowdown. Globally GDP growth rates are expected to shrink and become negative. Even advanced countries are estimated to have economic slowdown. India has 17.7 % of world population and diverse socio-economic factors. It is a humongous task to revive the economy of India. Indian government led by Prime minister Modi acted swiftly and focused on areas of distress to revive economy. Government also is also emphasizing the need to promote local products by citizens. If all these measures are well implemented on ground, definitely there will be revival of livelihoods and economy. This may also be a chance to promote local products and become self-reliant Bharat. Hoping that this opportunity to turn crisis in to opportunity will become true.

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State Executive Committee Member, State Media Panelist , State In-Charge for Policy & Research ,Mahila Morcha BJP Andhra Pradesh
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