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How history was altered by architects of out nation

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History was once told through the exploits of kings. Then it shifted to the story of common people, then to the travails of the working class. If this framework is adopted for narrating the history of the freedom struggle and the building of post-independence India, then first it was about our great national leaders like Gandhi, Nehru, Patel, etc, shifting to local and regional struggles waged by the likes of, say, Birsa Munda. Somewhere, what got omitted was the middle layer—the officers who worked both with the British and Indian leaders to put in place a structure on which modern India got built.

It is this vacuum which gets filled with historian Narayani Basu’s biography of Vappala Pangunni Menon, popularly remembered as Sardar Patel’s right-hand man in the integration of princely states. Sadly, over these years, not much is known about the man. Basu happens to be Menon’s great-granddaughter, but this personal connection doesn’t lead to a hagiographical account.

Flaying Indian history out NCERT textbooks is what liberals have done to this day. Be it 8th, 9th or higher education, “left academia” systematically hid the truths and horrors of Indian history. A very few Keralites know about Mapplah Lahala (, where scores of tribals and commoners were massacred. One major factor that contributed to change in Kerala demography was the tyrant rule Tipu Sultan and his father Hyder Ali in Malabar region ( course, no religion is held responsible. But the way way history was overridden and even Pazhassi Raja who defeated both British and Tipu is conviniently omitted from textbooks.(

When India got her Independence,the architects of our nation erased our past.Likes of Chhathrapaji Shivaji, Prithviraj Chauhan, Smbaji, Bajirao, Hemu are reduced to anonymous names. It is high time that real Indian history is propped up via Social media.The likes of Mughal Empire and sultanates are glorified,but little do people know that world’s first universities Nalanda and Taxila were erased because they gave spiritual insights and knowledge that the Religious Frenzy never could understand and shariath opposed.

More solutions to free the academic section of society from pseudo seculars and liberals are possible not by emotional speeches or outbursts. We must come up with proper statistics, science and and good point like demography change in pakistan,condition dalits in Pakistan and Bangladesh ,Afganistan etc. We have to beat them in their game. -Do follow for more

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