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Differences between natural religions and reactionary religions

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What are natural religion:

A religion that naturally develops in a place over centuries of interaction and thoughts of the people is called a natural religion.Hinduism is a natural religion. They live in harmony with nature & even worship it. Their rules and duties are natural rules, they are not in opposition to rules of some other religion.Hindus worship cow and punish cow killers legally because it is sacred to them not because a particular group sees it as a duty to kill cows. Their support or opposition to any thing is because it comes to naturally to them not because they are in opposition to some other set of rules. Natural religions do not have any founder who started the religion all of a sudden. They mostly happen to have a big pantheon of deities each with their own characteristics. Their practices usually varies by geography, occupation or ancestry of the adherent.

What are reactionary or counter religions?

A reactionary religion is basically a “cult” against a natural religion or even a pre-existing reactionary religion. It’s rules & duties are based on opposition to some other religion.The rules change as the enemy changes.Their only purpose is to oppose an earlier religion or teaching. In many cases they have been able to entirely wipe out the original religion of that place. Judaism is in opposition to paganism in Egypt, Zoroastrianism in opposition to Vedic Hinduism,Buddhism & Jainism also in opposition to Hinduism. Christianity in opposition to Judaism,Islam in opposition to pagan religions in Arabia. Sikhism in opposition to aspects of Hinduism.

Can natural religions like Hinduism ever live in harmony with these counter religions?

With time and minor and major scuffles the three Indian counter-religions became part of the Indosohere and got Hinduised. The reason was that these three religions were not entirely opposed to Hinduism but merely to some aspects of it, all of them used Hindu imagery and hence lived in harmony with Hinduism for the most part. There were theological debates of Hindu saints with the religious figures from these religions and they were always very peaceful were both parties were tolerant of each other views. Hindu kings used to promote all of these religions more or less equally.

Can Hindus ever live in harmony with the Abrahmic cults and why?

No, Hindus can only have temporary peace with these cults. Nothing teaches like history and it has time and again proven that Hindus are a separate people, nation and civilization altogether with no chance of assimilation with the abrahmic cults without destroying itself. It`s either us or either them.

What is Mosaic distinction?

The term “Mosaic distinction” means the distinction created by the Abrahamic religions viz Judaism, Islam and Christianity. It derives it’s name from Moses, the most important prophet in Judaism and also renowned in Christianity and Islam. It is this distinction that separates these three religions from the rest and makes peaceful coexistence with them difficult and numerous times just impossible. It is this distinction why Hindus and Indian Muslims despite living with each other since centuries still can not unite with each other. It is the distinction between idol worshipers and idol smashers, the distinction between cow worshipers and beef eaters,the distinction between Devi worshipers and women offenders, the distinction between the sacredness of marriage and the system of Halala. It is this distinction which will end only when one of us ends.

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