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Communist virus, expansionist China and its comrades in India

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Covid 19 has changed the course of human history. The virus might have been a biological weapon developed in China’s biological warfare lab in Wuhan, under its covert biological weapons programme, got incidentally or accidentally slipped out from there and started its journey against human life from there. Or the virus might have originated from wild animals sold at a seafood market in Wuhan, known for their unhygienic environment. The scientific world may have to cover substantial distance before arriving at one specific origin after ruling out the other. However the global consensus, on the basis after tracing the track of the virus, is that the dangerous course of the weapon of destruction began its journey undoubtedly from China. Hence many of us may be tempted to brand the virus as China Virus.

But is it appropriate to name the virus so even though it has its origin in that great country with one of the ancient civilizations of humankind? Of course, it was the communist fascist regime of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) that started making the virus to pursue its aggressive imperialist expansionist agenda to encompass the world. Hence, it would be reasonable, acceptable and appreciable if Covid 19 could also be referred to as ‘Communist virus’. Further, the aggressive course the virus has taken to reach far and near with ‘successful’ rounds in Iran and Italy, the latest entrants into the net of One belt One Road initiative of PRC would suggest one to describe the deadly biological weapon that challenges the very existence of the human race as ‘Communist Virus.  

Designed & developed, grabbed, purchased or picked from the ground, once a weapon reaches in the hands of an aggressor it goes without saying that he will sharpen it to add its striking power on the one hand and take care to develop systems that would safeguard him from the likely impact of the weapon.. By that logic, it is but natural that before coming out to make use of Covid as a weapon to pursue the expansionist designs of Chinese communist regime it might have taken a reasonable period of time to control the domestic fallout and fine tune their strategy to attack the world economy and pre-targeted countries such as India.  

Global institutions after analysing the data base developed, have now come to the conclusion that Covid 19 started its journey during September 2019. Yet China left the world kept uninformed for such a long period, making use of their unethical control over the World Health Organisation. Then, the time gained might have been used  to plan and execute the Communist-fascist-imperialistic expansionist agenda to spread the dragon around the world. Further, the nature of the virus that does not cause death tolls beyond  a tolerable minimum, is in fact, made it a more effective weapon in the hands of handlers of terrorists. Pakistan, the partners of China in its unethical operates nurseries of international terrorism, had already created a poaching ground, by indoctrination, wherein even recruitment of volunteers for suicide attack by paying hefty sum is not much of a difficult task! Obviously the task of recruiting willing carriers of a virus (with limited incidents of causing death) turned out to be much easier.

Out of the countries China wanted to place on the line of fire India comes on top for geopolitical reasons and of course the fact that India under Narendra Modi is on the fast track of economic development posing a very serious challenge to communist PRC’s capitalist agenda to dominate the World. As the events followed suggest, the PRC appears to have opted to open three way attack to target India namely 1) Create unmanageable internal disturbances making use of their clandestine partners within India with intention to attack the establishment when challenges on account of Covid19 destroys the fundamentals of the country. 2) Organise intentional efforts to optimise the spread of the virus in India, putting on the service of Oslamic terrorists and communist extremists who are on the payrolls of China and Pakistan 3) Challenge India militarily if and when the situation turns unavoidable or advantageous to PRC.

 Even before the pandemic appeared traceable in India, unprecedented mobilisation of trouble shooters within the country committed to anti national politics based on anti Hindu communalism were evident. Citizenship (Amendment) Act which was in fact had nothing to agitate anybody in the country was twisted to provide the boiling point to spread hatred and communal frenzy within the country.  Leaders like Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi Seetaram Yetchury, Asaduddin Owaisi, etc. were busy in activating forces of negativity under their commands to keep the country challenged by violence and anti democratic ‘Break India’ group spread across the country putting fire into universities like JNU, Jamia Millia, AMU etc. They went to the extent of suggesting Islamic terrorists to block Chicken neck and isolate Assam from the rest of India. Shaheen Bagh type highly provocative blockades in roads and public places were kept spreading in various cities.

In Delhi, coinciding with the US President’s visit to India, anti-Hindu communal terror was unleashed, leaving a number of dead bodies and destroyed properties in the targeted area. Thus, the combination of Congress, Communist parivar (comprising of CPM, CPI, Maoists, Urban Naxalites, Activist Naxalites, Islamic communalists (Muslim League, Popular Front and a number groups committed to Islamic terrorism) and various political parties aligned to such forces  attempted to keep the country boiling to make use of the situation so developed to add fuel to the destructive fire to the onslaught of Covid 19.

Sufficient indications are there to suggest yet another front was opened by the anti-India forces to cause the spread of the virus, intentionally. Tablighi Jamaat religious congregation that was organised disregarding the ban imposed by the Government in Delhi’s Nizamuddin Markaz Mosque in early March 2020 was a coronavirus super-spreader event. 960 foreigners from 40 countries and more than 8000 from various Indian states attended the event. Across the country 4000 corona cases and 27 deaths were reported as linked to the event. Union Health Ministry has linked one third of all confirmed COVID cases to the congregation vide its report on April 18, 2020. Hence, on a conservative estimate it could be made that at least one third of the covid cases confirmed on any particular day could be attributed to that super spread attempt. Clandestine initiatives to cause intentional spread of the virus by vested interests were also widely noticeable in various social media platforms.

Alarming situations in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu raises serious doubts in the matter in the light of the importance of these states to Indian economy. Similarly disappearance of about 300 persons came back to Kerala after attending controversial Tablighi Jamaat religious congregation at Delhi and the controversial silence of the Chief Minister and state administration of Kerala in the matter leaves  many questions unanswered. It is all the more important in Kerala’s case because both sides of the political divide in the state, ruling front and the opposition are friendly dispensations sympathetic to break India gangs and Islamic terrorists.

Ultimately the third front to challenge India was attempted by China creating a situation of conflict along the Indo China border. Of course Pakistan was all the while creating  provocative attempted encroachment and ceasefire violations along the Line of Control. But the most undesirable act of treason was experienced when political opposition in the country lead by Sonia, Rahul, Yetchury, etc. and their lobby in the media preferred to propagate the disinformation campaign planned and executed by Chinese side. That was, in fact, a clandestine campaign to tarnish and demoralise the forces and political establishment of the country by bringing them down before the general public of the country. But once the China side was made to notice  the qualitative difference between India of 1962 and 2020 by organising the country’s defence of the border by deploying men and fire power without leaving anything for chance, the situation eased. India’s increasing positive image among the comity of nations, and simultaneously developing suspicions on the intentions among the global community forced China to volunteer a negotiated settlement of issues created by them. 

Now that the PRC made aggressive attempts as per all the three strategic designs and India lead by Narendra Modi had so far successfully stood up to the challenge, it is time for the nation to attempt a mid course assessment of the  developments for the simple reason that in the context of Corona the country has ‘miles to go before we sleep’. Looking at the events so unfolded the country has the right and responsibility to trace and identify Jaichands and Mir Jafars of the modern era.  Thank God! Rahul Gandhi made that job easier by providing sufficient links and hints.

On February 7, 2020 Rahul threatened that the Prime Minister of the country is going to be physically attacked and beaten in public, within six months. The Prime Minister was at his sarcastic best when he thanked Rahul for acknowledging that it would take at least six months to make such an attempt and promised him to remain prepared to defend himself by increasing the number of Surya ‘Namaskars’. Leaving the joke apart, one has to take note of the tweet of Rahul in the very next week (on February 12, 2020) where he offered a prediction that the country is in for the spread of Covid and a major economic slow down. However, within a day or two Rahul ran away to Italy and remained there for the remaining days of February. Now, if anybody from the Rahul brigade wants the world to believe that his pay master made public predictions of what is in store for India but Modi and his Government discarded ‘the wisemans’ advice, he is bound to answer certain critical questions raised in the following discussion.  

As India understands the 51 year old Rahul Gandhi, it is just not acceptable that he could make any sensible expression of such observations unless suggested to do so by  someone else who has the mental alertness and intellectual depth to arrive at the situations unfolding. Such a conviction holds good, unless Rahul explains: 1) Harvard Gazette February 7 referred to in the twitter message  is limited to the impact of Covid on public health scenarios and has nothing on the impact on the economy as suggested by Rahul. Hence, what was the basis for his views on the economic front? 2) Other than casually making a tweet what else he did to bring it to the notice of the state and the public? 3)  Immediately after tweeting such a possibility Rahul left for Italy and remained during the rest of the month, Was it an attempt to continue his discussions with Chinese sources and  to mobilise resources to make use of the anticipated/emerging situation in India to further his designs to grab power in the country? 4) Did he took into account the fact health is a state subject and extended specif precautionary advices to the state governments such as Madhya Pradesh,  Rajasthan, Chattisgarh, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Kerala, etc.ruled by Congress and parties who are partners with Rahul and aligned against nationalistic forces lead by Narendra Modi. In case they too ignored him, disclose it at least now. 5) Did he make any special efforts to protect his family and Congress family to save themselves?  6) Did he appraise the emerging scenario to his sister Priyanka’s husband Robert so that he could keep intact the wealth valuing crores reported to have been amazed by him during the regime of Sonia Gandhi through clandestine speculative business deals.. 7) The situation in the country following the spread of Covid, demands transparency even in private matters. Hence, is he prepared to disclose places visited and contacts made by him after September 2019 i.e, China noticed the spread of the virus? Unless Rahul comes out with convincing explanations on such questions and provide the reasons for keeping himself abroad during the period in which China was planning its onslaught on India from different fronts, the country cannot help but group him among the top of those traitors providing ammunition from within this country to China and Pakistan waiting on other side of Indian borders for an appropriate opportunity to enter the country with evil de

(The writer is the President of Bharatheeya Vichara Kendram Thiruvananthapuram District. Opinions and observations are personal) 

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