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The red fascist’s psyche and the future

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The common perception created about the right wing is that of a mob with despotic people who are narcissistic and xenophobic, racist and communal, sometimes even anti-humanity or anti-freedom. This is primarily because of the domination of intellectual leftists in the field of mainstream political perception making. Not every right winger calls himself one – that’s not because of any aversion but, because he does not feel the need to associate with a specific wing and put himself in a box of any thought police. For someone whom freedom of thought will be supreme, he can never be led into the bandwagon of Left fascism. He may just be an aware person who knows what’s best for him, the society, the country and the world. This is the reason why today’s left wing has lost all voices of sanity. Such voices fear the red fascists beside them, who may label them as a right winger. This is where fascism in the real sense manifests – where there can be no counter opinions. There is no such thing as a left liberal.

Red fascists are zealots who are going to call anyone a bigot, the moment they get cornered for their pretzel logic. They have the same, if not more biases which they accuse the right wingers of. However they are very careful not to make their biases or agendas evident. They hide behind the holy shield of neutrality or objectivity so that they can save themselves from scrutiny or suspicion. The red fascists have almost mastered the art of acting that way in such a subtle manner that it becomes a little tricky to catch them. However their prejudices and views do come out once a while. That’s when they end up targeting their opponents based on some fake news, though they claim to be the custodians of fact checks, scientific inquiry, logical thinking and deduction. The other way they let their bigotry out is through some safety valves which are created as part of their long term planning – like making one section of their opponents as privileged villains and attacking them for every misfortune or using other jibes which are attributed to anything holy of the other group, though it maybe irrelevant.

The average Indian who’s not much politically aware sees only two people through his prism – one of them is a ferocious, corrupt politician who is a hardcore criminal. The other is a sober, internally driven and a scrupulously honest leader who appeals the most to the common man. They were able to create such an evil image for their opponents up to an extent, very successfully. For a long time, the red fascists who controlled the academia made sure they portrayed their patrons as such a neutral leader and provided them a larger than life image. It’s worth remembering that many of those patrons lacked the basic skills to even win the confidence of their clan, forget governing a country as large as India. Yet, they made it generation after generation by claiming a divine right over the country as a compensation for their imaginary single handed efforts to free India.

In the process of establishing that divine right, those patrons pushed many common men and women who fought for the Independence, into the bin of obscurity while simultaneously maligning many. Like they say, you can’t fool everyone all the time; all this went on as usual until Indians brought a disruptor to power after 67 years of Independence. This hurt the red fascist cartel, to such an extent that that they have not been able to reconcile to it. That was when realization dawned upon them that the ideal of democracy which they endorsed (with a variation), became their Achilles heel. This led them to commit their next mistake.

Post 2014, the left fascists got so annoyed that they collectively tried all stunts to overthrow the disruptor who had more connect with the masses (reason why they failed and became irrelevant). Since intolerance and bigotry were in the blood of such fascists, they had unknowingly shifted deep into their political shade, thereby becoming far leftists. This change can been noticed by the strange rantings of today’s so-called mainstream opposition leaders who have taken far left views by abandoning all pretenses of being centrist. They have been endorsing almost everything anti India in the International media and from India’s enemies. This is not just their frustration at the disruptor after being disrupted but, also their anger towards an electorate which stood solidly behind someone outside their cartel.

Though they never had any sync or connect with the masses nor could they understand the pulse of an Indian voter, the left fascists are in a constant attempt trying to show themselves as a neutral voice of the masses. It’s the reason why many of those conmen frequently quote George Orwell despite being the Thought Police he wrote extensively about; like a devil who quotes the scriptures. They may talk endlessly about the poor people and write column after column about how making the rich poorer is the antidote to poverty but, at heart they are elitist. They form the stars in the Communist flag, always above and disconnected with the masses they try use as cannon fodder, for their battles.

The Idea of India and the Ganga jamuna tehzeeb were few such concepts they created to justify their legitimacy and dominance in the political discourse, along with their patrons. The herd mentality to thank some Mughals and Nehru’s dynasty for everything good and blame some others for the evils of the society thrived in the framework of such a school of thought. The nation of India and Indians are in reality, far different from anything which is portrayed as the Idea of India. It was a mere figment of imagination to take advantage of the generally inclusive nature of Indian culture.

While the IoI believes inclusion to be the act of a goat bowing before a hungry tiger, the real test of Indian inclusion lies in accommodating the parasitic left fascists and tolerating their dominance. As we see the modern day’s trend, the more rabid a leftist becomes, the more he pushes the electorate towards the right and consolidates it. Soon, the only choice for them will be to end up as a bad chapter in history unless they reform and shed their bigotry, before pointing fingers at others. Their end or irrelevance in future does not signify the intolerance of anyone including the right wing. It was purely because they were not inclusive or tolerant enough to live in the reality.

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