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Lockdown extended in India: Should it be extended or not? Is it a binary Yes/No question?

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Lockdown is Extended In India For 2 Weeks. Now may are asking binary questions, should lockdown be extended or not? Yes or no? Actually the answer is not that binary or black and white.

The primary focus of the govt is to contain the corona outbreak in Red Zone District and especially the Containment Zones. So yes lockdown is required for that.

The Govt is also required to restart the economy, so relaxations should be provided. As cleared by MHA guidelines, considerable relaxation are provided in orange and green zones. Even in green zones other than mass gatherings and inter-state travel almost every daily activity is allowed while following physical distancing and SOP (Standard Operating Procedure).

Govt also knows the more the lockdown, the more pressure it will put on the economy. But as we know human life is invaluable and only if we live we can utilize all the resources.

Govt has to restart the economic activities and have to get out of lockdown in phased manner. When we are dealing with a country as wide as India and with 130Cr+ population, Govt can’t come and abruptly in a single shot say Lockdown is over, do whatever you want. Govt needs to contain the situation and in phases give more and more relaxation in corona free area.

And I believe that’s what the Govt is rightly doing it, containing the situation by extending lockdown and moving out of lockdown in phased manner by giving considerable relaxation in less risk/no risk zones.

Lastly I would say a person wearing mask is not necessarily infected but he may be a responsible and an aware citizen protecting himself/herself and society. Wearing mask is now a new normal.

So I appeal to wear mask, practice respiratory and hand yygiene, follow govt instructions and health advisories, positively contribute in whichever way you can and stay home and stay safe. If permitted; do your daily activities with utmost precautions.

Stay positive, we are all in together, we will fight and we will win. Stay safe. Cheers! Jai Hind

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