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Action with speed and precision: PM Modi Part II

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PANKAJ JAYSWALhttp://www.sharencare.in
Author, Writer, Educationist. Counsellor, AOL faculty, Electrical Engineer

23rd May 2019 will always be remembered for second consecutive victory by PM Modi led NDA government with huge margin. Many opposition leaders’ aspirations to become PM done and dusted.

During election campaign, Opposition parties were thriving on certain issues trying to highlight that even PM Modi can’t do much. They mocked PM on his victory speech slogan in 2014, “Acche Din”, twisted speech on 15 lakhs to everyone, Shri Ram Mandir, “Mandir vahi banayenge par Tarikh nahi batayenge”, 370 and 35 A, UCC, his attire, personal life and foreign travel…. however, people had faith in him, and he was reelected with huge majority.

When he said “Acche Din”, my understanding is that we were been slaves of Mughals initially then Britishers and for many years dynastic politics. This slavery mindset has shattered us socially, economically and badly hurt our self-respect. So, his victory (common man, Chaiwalla) in 2014 was a sign of quitting slavery mindset and uplifting our values. In our personal life even if we achieve something, we crave for something bigger, so “Acche Din” slogan need not to be taken in another way but to see with other historical dimensions, our self-respect and values.

Many political leaders used to mock him saying that article 370 and 35 A cannot be revoked, even many supporters also mocked him on various social media platforms. Even our experiences were alerting us that it’s not that easy to revoke these articles by any political leader. It’s a big lesson for his followers and haters, whenever you plan for a bigger goal, work silently with patience, perseverance, confidence and faith. In his first term, he and his team worked on building strong foundation on legal and social aspects. PM Modi created a formidable Aura about his governance and India with world leaders. I still remember Mr. Farukh Abdullah’s statement, even if Modi is reelected several times, he can’t scrap articles. What happened on 5th Aug 2019, nobody has imagined? HM Amit Shah with his confidence and hard work, successfully passed revocation of article 370 and 35A. In addition to that, J & K has been bifurcated into two union territories, essentially to develop that region and eliminating terrorism in coming years. So, the key point is that “Comprehensive preparation is must to accomplish impossible goals”.

Shri Ram Mandir was one more long pending issue before government and judiciary. It was the strong will of the Modi government and Supreme court to resolve it amicably and speedily. Both the pillars of democracy have done excellent job with forming a team at initial phase and then day to day hearing for 40 days, judgement was given by 5 judges after through investigation of the case considering all dimensions. It shows that “If we have strong will, right intention and work in coordinated manner then solution is not far away”.

Next in line was, CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act), whatever party lines or ideology, a person, party or any organization is following, nothing is bigger than HUMANITY. We are witnessing how minorities in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan are being treated, harassed, converted or murdered. How their numbers have been decreasing every year. So, it was our duty as a human being to help them to lead a good life by giving them citizenship. It was indeed a non-justifiable act by some political leaders, organizations and celebrities to create rift in society on religious basis with fake information about CAA.


One more step which generally everyone ignores is setting up of 75 new medical colleges. Increasing medical colleges will surely help middle class, neo middle class to get admission to their ward on merit basis than paying huge donations in future. Setting up more government colleges should have been on top priority for earlier governments, but few politicians had other agenda with private colleges.

PM Modi in first term raised our economy from 2 trillion dollars to 3 trillion dollars and has vision to make it 5 trillion dollars by 2025. The steps are being taken on economic front, Aatmanirbhar Bharat will surely help to cross this target even though we are going through a tough economic phase owing to pandemic. Forex reserve is going up constantly, FDI is up, various majors are being taken to uplift MSME and banking sector. Doubling farmers income, house for everyone, improving healthcare sector and helping poor through Ayushman Bharat scheme, developing strong defense capabilities through Make in India.

We can conclude that in second term PM Modi is working speedily with precision and for the aspirations of 130 crore Indians.


Pankaj Jagannath Jayswal

Author, Writer, Educationist, Motivational speaker, AOL Teacher, Electrical Engineer

Books released in May: Youth: Reflection of Universe and in Hindi Yuva: Bramhand ka Pratibimb


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PANKAJ JAYSWALhttp://www.sharencare.in
Author, Writer, Educationist. Counsellor, AOL faculty, Electrical Engineer

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