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8 reasons why Mamata Banerjee is hiding number of Corona Positive cases in West Bengal

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1. She is being paid by Communist China:

Receiving payments from the Chinese to keep Corona Virus alive and kicking in the world. Since, Wuhan reported they have no more cases, and the whole world is trying hard to curb the infections, it may be in Xi Jinping’s interest to keep the virus alive as part of his biological warfare against the whole world.

2. Hopes to raise her own Corona Army

As we are all well aware, Mamata Banerjee is giving refuge to a butt load of illegal immigrants. These immigrants could keep the virus alive within them, and whenever the need arises, Banerjee can use them as a spitting army against any kind of paramilitary forces that may be sent to her state in future, if and when she tries to break away Bengal from India.

3. She is too ashamed to take any help from Central Government.

All kidding aside, we all must remember how foolishly proud she was of herself, that she denied any monetary help from Modi during Cyclone Fani, because she was hoping she would simply deal with Rahul Baba on May 23, 2019, as the new Prime Minister of India. Keeping her ego ahead of her citizens, might be what she is doing again during the Corona Virus Pandemic.

4. She doesn’t want to see the seriousness of the issue since PM Modi took it quite seriously:

What other reason could possibly explain over 92,000 alleged cases of Corona positive patients (as of 6 May, 2020).
Source: https://www.deccanchronicle.com/nation/current-affairs/060520/915k-influenza-like-cases-found-in-bengal.html

5. She cannot control the Single Source in her state:

Time and again, we have seen how much riots the illegal immigrants of West Bengal have put the state through since the CAB bill was first introduced, and the CM hasn’t batted an eye. If anything, she has ended up giving ration to the rioters and attackers of Police. How then will she be able to enforce a lockdown on the single source which are clearly beyond her control?

6. Afraid that single source will be blamed:

She could risk anything, except her precious illegal immigrants being blamed for the spread of the pandemic in her state.

7. Like her illiterate votebank, she assumes all doctors are charlatans, and must be treated like it:

We should all remember the doctors’ strike of West Bengal in mid June of 2019, and how Mamata Banerjee insulted doctors and chose to appease her murderous single source votebank.

8. Ego to accept Ayushmaan Bhaarat:

She doesn’t give a damn about lives of people, her ego reigns supreme, again!

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