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Nationalism and selective secularism

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Life is to a human what Sovereignty is to the Nation. As we have been witnessing in recent times, the word “Nationalism” is equated with the word “fascism” or the sense of Nationalism is portrayed as against the idea of India. It is not incorrect to deny that the secular lobby is phenomenal at drawing false equivalences. Nationalism is a political ideology which focuses on self-determination and protection of Sovereignty and Integrity of a nation. Patriotism is a form of attachment or love or pride one may possess towards his nation. Without the easy influx of pseudo-liberalism or pseudo-secularism in India, would the idea of nationalism take this disastrous hit in the eyes of neophyte learners? It is high time one should rise to question the unquestioned, learn to digest the truth, and put national interests over personal interests. Is it unfair to put the national interests over one’s individual rights and interests? Is it unfair to think that India should progress at the mercy of none but itself?

If one explores online for the difference between nationalism and patriotism, the former advocates for people’s support to one’s nation even when it is incorrect, whereas the latter criticises its nation wherever it is incorrect. This is one of the bizarre explanations one could ever come across. Nationalists do not tend to engage in displaying anything selectively, and they are transparent enough to expose flaws, if any, in the governance model. In simple terms, Nationalists are those who put the national interests over their personal interests, and patriots are those who express ardent love for their nation, whether or not they prioritize their national interests. Indeed, a person with sane and rational mind would find it hard to put liberals in either of these two heads, because they just cannot fit into both the heads.

Never has there been an instance where a person—trying to influence the vulnerable minds with their preaching—has worked for the benefit of our nation or national interests. Young minds are deliberately made to choose western thoughts, culture, and practice of one’s religion. One may ask how does following other cultures or adopting the practices of other religions from other countries hurt the nationalists? It hurts because the true identity of Indian is fading away because of the secular lobby. The identity of Indian does not exclusively imply identity of Hindus, but the identity of Indian also includes the identity of Hindus. The term “Indian” expresses the collective identity of different faiths having relation to India, hence, where is the need for showing one faith superior to the other? Where is the need to build false narratives against the Hindu faith?

The Secular lobby advocates selectivity in the expression of humanity, tolerance and love. This selectivity has penetrated so deep into the young minds that they have become liberals without the sense of nationalism. Every liberal may be proud to refer themselves as Indians, but they do not advocate unleashing of righteous violence against the miscreants inside and outside our nation by solely citing two words— “Humanity and Secularism”.  However, the true phrases to be employed here is “Selective humanity and Pseudo-Secularism”.

With the rise of liberalism in the influential space—such as educational institutions, entertainment industry, libraries and social media—the need for the truth and nationalism has substantially fallen. Also, humanity should be saved, not exploited for those who lack the sense of humanity. Pollution by air, water, land, noise and now the young minds are being polluted by the acrimony exhibited and spread by the secular lobby through all the medium.

Anyone could practise any religion or any culture in India, but it should not lead to one becoming Anti-Indian or Anti-National, especially when such outcome is because of hatred for Hindu culture or Sanatan Dharma Philosophy, and again such outcome is the product of distortion of Hindu philosophies and the Indian history.

Deliberately or inadvertently, liberals adopt and advocate the western culture or support other minorities for the best reasons known to them, regardless of whether such minority groups are right or wrong. Are they even entitled to criticize the governance or the interests of the other religious groups, when they show no sign of embarrassment for the demon acts of those they support? Are they really helping Indian to maintain its collective identity? Are these liberals really imparting essential values through their stand-up shows, books and tweets? Above all, being inclined to this level of selectivity, do liberals help in the progress of our nation?

These questions cannot be answered in affirmative for two reasons—firstly, the collective identity will be lost with their selectivity; secondly, the absolute equality and humanity which they advocate would victimize our nation to the power and profit hunger of other nations. Having said these, if one still presupposes nationalism puts our nation in a jeopardy, and selective secularism uplifts our nation, he is nothing less than a person ungrateful to our Incredible India.

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