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Do not support ‘corona terrorism’ in the name of opposing Modi, we need Uniform Civil Code

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The revelations and various video proofs that emerge out from Tablighi Jamaat religious congregation in Delhi and the associated high COVID 19 positive results among most of those attended the event, really shock the nation. Further the presumable intentions of some of the participants in the above event as shown in the video images are quite threatening to humanity than the COVID 19. 

How human being can go so inhumane, insensitive and can become ‘vectors’ of COVID 19 to spread the disease in the society. No one knows whether it was a well-planned, pre-meditated attack or those turns out to be positive for Corona in the event were caught by surprise as they are really innocent and easily exploitable. 

 Looks like, a mischievous and malicious intent has been stitched together may be to spread the disaster. But unfortunately many political parties including the age old congress of the dynast is attempting to play politics out of such crime against humanity. Even if we have to define and accept such gathering in Tablighi Jamaat as a conditioned religious activity but still we must weigh the disaster than attack Modi which, the dynast of the Congress party always loves to do.

Modi has gone for 21 day lock down without proper planning and application of mind but while accusing the central government we also must realize the possible option-less situation and international compulsion. Millions and millions of Indians have to be saved first than bother about the economy because India can’t afford to go blind, insensitive and lethargic like China or Italy or Spain and cause holocaust to humanity. From the above perspective, we must be graceful to Modi and must extent our duty bound support to the government to prevent the spread of Corona.

Extraordinary situations sometime would demand extraordinary actions that have to be brave, bold, extremely strenuous and costly. 

The question of preparedness and other issues we can always debate and also can criticize the government but the indifference and alleged intentions of Tablighi Jamaat show, no Indian should make an attempt to defend or support and also should not use as a political capital to defame the central government by calling any legal action against such inhuman criminals and friends of COVID 19 as anti-minority or is linked to Hindutwa agenda. 

The viewership for such revelations in the electronic media has grown exponentially these days due to lock down and hence all those support Corona terrorism as a part of their political agenda – minority appeasement, will certainly get a brutal beating in coming elections.     

Attacking Modi is the only job of congress party and other tukede tukede gangs. But while attacking Modi the tukde tukde gangs and congress party of the dynast also must weigh carefully whether they are harming the nation and its long standing interest by way of attacking Modi and supporting corona terrorism. 

Need of the hour is how to prevent the spread of COVID 19 and how we can achieve the above goal with least inconvenience to people.

Each and every citizen must submit honestly to the above cause because our carelessness can affect and take the life of even our dear and near ones. COVID 19 when we spread inadvertently or ignorantly, the COVID 19 is not going to be thankful to us and COVID 19 is not going to spare our family members because we helped COVID to spread to others.

Religious beliefs, religious conditioning, religion, right pray and practice our religion etc., are although our fundamental rights but in the name of secularism or right to worship or by citing the fundamental right etc., we should not allow the spread the deadly pathogen which is waiting to swallow the humanity.

The big share of COVID 19 in different states recently has happened mostly due to those who attended the religious gathering at Tablighi jamaat in Delhi. 

Another important point to ponder and investigate is why majority of those attended the event and turns positive for COVID 19 does not have any signs and symptoms of the disease? Does that mean, a pre-preparation has already happened and hence the ‘carriers of COVID 19 are asymptomatic and uninfected but still can be infective to others. 

We must bring our national interest first and not political interest. Certain political parties like Congress, TMC, DMK etc., always attack Modi and appease minority. That is their political agenda. However advantageous it may be to attack Modi but still our political parties that oppose Modi should not support Tablighi Jamaat event and must support and stand by India and millions of Indians. Otherwise they too would earn nothing but the same reputation and alert of COVID 19.  

Only by enacting Uniform Civil Code, we can save India from misuse of multi-privilege in the name of secularism.

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