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21 days lockdown in the country because of COVID-19

COVID-19: A way forward

This pandemic is a sure warning to us that how “population explosion” is going to create a large magnitude catastrophe in future if we don’t act on it.

Let us not chase coronavirus, learn viral mutation in co-morbid environment to prevent more deadly virus to emerge

Blame none; develop endure all threshold; only people of India can practice today.  Because by blaming Modi Indians cannot achieve anything and Indians may have...

Not all is bad with Corona

Notwithstanding the imminent loss of life, jobs and national wealth due to the catastrophic Corona, it certainly can be treated as a parable.

The Chinese virus- Corona- Indian perspective

We are very lucky to have a great leader serving as our Prime Minister – Modi ji – a man with a mission. We are in safe hands.

What this lockdown teaches you?: Lockdown takeaways

Most of us have started realising the old proverb- Health is wealth. If not yet, it may be too late.

Improved quality of air and increased survival of corona? Is there a new danger hidden under our carpet

Many even ardent followers of Modi also have expressed their displeasure and anger against Modi for his unplanned lock down and his habit of giving nation, a surprise at short-notice.

Janta Jagran: A way to illuminate 3Ds: Depression, Darkness and Downfall

the use of light to unite the nation which is known for its equal treatment to all citizens irrespective of their religion is highly appreciable and clearly indicates PM’s commitment to his vision “Ek Bharat, Shrestha Bharat” & “Sabka Sath, Sabka Vishwas”.

Battling cabin fever- Why is it worth the wait

Lockdown has brought many usual yet not unanticipated things which were absolutely much needed.

Impact of Covid-19 on Indian economy and the way forward

As with the disease that it impacts the lowest income group the most, the infected economy will also hit the unorganized sector the most.

Can COVID-19 bring a behavioral transformation and help tackle climate change?

What has been a nightmare for the human race has been nothing less than a jackpot for the environment and other species living here and has significantly helped the planet in some ways to heal itself.

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