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What this lockdown teaches you?: Lockdown takeaways

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Stay Home, Stay Safe!

No one ever must have imagined that entire population across the nations will ever be asked to stay at home. This truly unprecedented in many ways. All the roads look empty (what I see from news TV and WhatsApp forwards), malls closed, hospitals are discouraged from attending to normal and other not so urgent treatments. Above all, considering from Indians perspective, cinema halls and bars and restaurants were closed for this long. I wonder if any other generation has experienced it for this long period across nations!

Agree, unprecedented times need unprecedented measures. The sooner we adopt to it, the better for economic and psychological health. As our elders always maintained, every situation teaches us something. When this is proven to be true, surely this pandemic shall teach also you lot more than anything for someone who is ready to learn.

Below are some major lessons that everyone should learn if, they haven’t already:

  1. Health is real Wealth:

Reflecting back on how a initially appearing like a flue like disease called COVID-19, from Naval Corona Virus created pandemic globally without any exemption in no time, everyone will agree that Health is real Wealth! I don’t need to elaborate it anymore. However, for the benefit of anyone if left on an island away from this pandemic, I will see few lines: Wealth is a possession that you need to work on to build it. Health is that inherent trait that you have been blessed with fortunately, for which you just need to maintain it.

But, as and when you spend your health for building wealth, it won’t be too far that the same wealth for which you spent your health cannot pay you sufficiently to bring your health back. At the country level, people still argue that it’s trade off between economics and health, but be certain that at personal level, health is real wealth. You can build wealth, you can enjoy the fruits of wealth, you can accomplish something great from wealth at personal, society level and at national level, only if you remain healthy! Build Wealth, bot not at the cost of health! Build Wealth in a such way that your Wealth is fruit of your Health, not at the cost of health.

Mr Jack Ma, with net worth of around $40 Billion, has said as below on health and wealth matters: 

If you put bananas and money in front of monkeys, monkeys will choose bananas, because monkeys do not know that money can buy a lot of bananas. In reality, if you put money and health in front of people, people tend to chose money, because too many people do not know that health can bring more money and happiness.

When one of the world’s wealthiest persons says this say, we shall sit back and listen! After all you need to live in your body to cherish and enjoy the fruits of your w

  1. Family is the top on priority 

In any circumstance, if there is anyone else that has share in your deeds, whether you like it or not, is your family. Family has as much stake as you, perhaps even more, in your deeds and in your results. Similarly, a healthy and understanding family always support you beyond your imagination. Though the Westernisation impact is visible and at infant stage, we are still at the stage of laughing at our family through family jokes, TikTok Videos that make fun of family but our society is not reached the stage of abandoning the family yet. We get to see the preaches of feminism, equal gender etc interfering now and then in family, fortunately our society is still family centric for various reasons like kids, dependability, peer pressure etc, The extended family in which such compulsions doesn’t exist, we gave up already.

You leave home to seek your fortune and, when you get it, you go home and share it with your family. – Anita Baker

Ponder yourself if you really need to build wealth, if it is only for you! Probably, you never need to work that hard, as you have been doing, for your own interest alone unless you inherently carry the family’s interest. When you are doing everything that is required for your family, sometimes even by staying far and away from them, cherish the moment that you get to spend more time with family. Your family occupies a huge space in your life personally, emotionally, financially and socially. In fact, you will soon realise that your real fortune is in your family’s smiles! So, sit with them and enjoy the fortune. On a lighter note, when you are stuck and can’t escape from home, just learn to be at home and stay at peace.

  1. Learn to be within yourself 

Know yourself, Enhance yourself! Since childhood have you been trained to be with family, friends and people? Someone enjoying being with himself has always been made to be out of the place.

You are made of many things that are counted of your own, I am not speaking of physical, your family and material things, which were discussed in other sections. Here, I am speaking about your self-being! Your mind, your soul, your internal character that you are known for yourself! People around you must be noticing change constantly in you! When they are noticing these changes or being same in you, it must be something they have kept as a reference against which they are noticing these changes or no changes. You shall always take care of that reference which is within you at all times with or without you being aware of him.

What are your achievements, who’s is your family, what are your possessions, all are for external world. But, the inner you that is being yourself is real you, which truly belongs to you. Spend time with that being yourself who has been present in every sunshine and every storm of your life!  

Spend time with yourself, Know yourself and experience the true solitude. Not knowing yourself is same as not knowing anyone else. If you haven’t been with yourself, this is the best time to experience the solitude. Find yourself, you will enhance yourself. Once you experience yourself, you will take out sometime to spend with yourself even in a packed day!

  1. Save for rainy day 

Do you still remember that famous story which we studied in our childhood days? I bet, you have rad how the ants live in summer and prepare for rainy days? They live socially and how hard the worker ants collect and bring home the food for rainy days! We have read the story and enjoyed. But, how many of us really learned what the ants were trying to teach us, through this story: Save for rainy day!

Our society is structured to measure the humans by their possessions, be it house, or cars or flashy clothes or the fame! Human, being social animal, falls into this trap and play to the tunes of the society. We always strive to be measured high in others’ view and thus keep on buying frenzy things as we earn. How many EMIs are you paying every month for the items which were not necessary but just the good to haves? What made you to allocate your future earnings towards these depreciating toys? Have you ever realised that these toys depreciating in value is more certain that your future earnings?

Apart from threat to health globally, the most certain in this pandemic is reducing or loss of earnings of many families! There are so many homeless and unemployed people whose life has shaken to the core. Most of these are at bottom of the society and all the governments across the world are trying to support them. But, what about you? Who was never been poor and possessing costly toys? How are you going to survive? I am not trying to scare, but I am just trying to bring the point home to you so that you see what could be in store for even a well earning person if he failed to save for rainy day!

Save, Save, Save! Stay home and learn the importance of saving for rainy day! You would never learn to save if not for now!

  1. Be thankful, and show that you care

Humans are achievers and never say ‘enough’. In fact, this is the basic foundation for the enormous success the humankind has achieved in terms of Science, Technology, Finance, Transport, Energy and Healthcare. Achieving for the sake of humankind and for society is as noble as any kind of highest order. But, at the same time, we need to sit back and reflect upon the blessings that have been showered on us. This Pandemic has effected everyone across the spectrum irrespective of their political, social and economical standing. If you are sitting at home reading this post, be thankful for the amount of blessings you have been showered with! 

In this pandemic if your socioeconomic status allowing you to practice Stay Home, Stay Safe diligently, be assured that the God’s kind blessings are upon you. These are the days to easily get into frustration with slow motion of live. Utilise this great time and shower some of your blessings where required. A section of society is still existing whose sweat filled hands have to feed their family on daily basis. All they have been part of your day right from the milk and paper boys who start at the edge of midnight to the vegetable vendors, street counters etc..whose daily bread comes from the earnings of the same day. This is the time to assure them that they belong to you, to the society. No one got poor by acts of kindness, feed them and fill the rays of hopes in someone’s life.

Let’s unitedly fight this pandemic! May the humankind win and comeback strongly.
Stay Home, Stafy Safe!

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