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COVID-19 urges to end apocalypse of communist regime!

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Author of ‘The Odyssey of Reunion’ and ‘The Octahedral Verses’, Odisha Youth Awardee-2019, ABVP, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh

Covid-19 has pushed the world into a black hole of darkness. Humanity is at stake and the mighty humans have locked themselves as mere hostages. Roads are deserted, pools and ponds are dried, stocks have plunged, locomotion is restricted, with over two hundred nations have come to dead stillness. Nearly a hundred thousand of people have lost their lives in the global apocalypse that has knelt the swanking human beings.

When the world anticipated for bloody wars, the imaginations and predictions have proved wrong. Everyone feared of nuclear while an invisible RNA has throttled senses and proved all military blueprints worth dumping in bins. North Korea tested explosives, Pakistan equipped missiles, the Europeans fought over Brexit, Gulf nations raised business through fuels, Russians led military expeditions but no one could smell a gigantic bio-war bubbling underneath.

Before we discuss on Covid-19, it is necessary to consult our recent past. A disaster dismantled normalcy when Reactor-4 of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant near the city of Pripyat in erstwhile USSR, now a part of Ukraine. Experts consider the Chernobyl nuclear disaster to be one of the most calamitous incidents of humankind in the recent past.

Things were discouraging before the actual accident happened. The mishap took place while undertaking safety test on nuclear reactor. Even prior to this, three tests were conducted since 1982 but to no yield. On the fourth attempt, an unusual delay and subsequent instructions by capricious leaderships resulted in uncontrolled chain reaction. The Soviet Union operated many reactors without knowing their potential risks and degrees of freedom. Media and press operated under strict recommendations of the government and could not dare to violate norms to question.

The steam explosion caused toxic radioactive vapours to escape to atmosphere from the reactor core after remaining open for nine long days. None of the inhabitants ever surmise the destruction that the vapours oozing out could bring. The contamination diffused throughout the USSR, spreading riotously domestically and to western parts of Europe.

Prior to any conclusion, it is necessary to know the deceitful consequences the calamity caused and continues to affect the human race even after three long decades. Estimations reveal that Chernobyl released radioactive material nearly about four hundred times the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Approximately, a hundredth of total atomic emissions erupted from Chernobyl in those days of cold war between the USSR and the USA. Groundwater, rivers, lakes and even clouds formed dark linings and rains contained fatal tints of radioactivity, affecting the weather pattern in the vicious ring. Mass evacuation was done but the efficiency remained futile. The flora and fauna live a life of exile without any sins. Till date, thyroid cancer in detected in those evacuated after the tragedy and the exclusive zone of Ukraine invites ghostly tales and paranormal myths.

The disaster that consequently shook humanity was caught classified until Sweden detected traces of radioactive substance in the air. The USSR claimed to be innocent for long giving manipulated reports, false statistics, mutated figures and paid witnesses. The debates shadowed many necessary movements of acts and laws in the United Nations.

China has left no stones unturned to repeat the same mistakes, or practice the old school agenda of befooling the world. The current situation of pandemic has been quite surprising.

Wuhan turned to the epicenter of the global pandemic. Some websites mention that the virus has roots from the meat market in the city that accounts to be the largest exporter of raw meat. The outbreak begun in November and today, no city has escaped from its clutches. Nearly two million people have so far have been affected with more than a hundred thousand innocents deceased.

According to sources, Spain and Italy had the best healthcare services in the planet. The shocking conditions in both the nations have brought a sense of resentment in paradigm set by researchers in all parts of the world. People have locked themselves in their houses while those dying even beg for a yard space for their coffins. The denizens are praying to even breath a volume of fresh air.

On the other hand, China has miraculously recovered from its host disease. Wuhan is no more a death spot! China has forcefully projected its agenda of recovery allegedly by maneuvering death cases and medical cures. Some intelligence fundamentalists reveal that China leaked one of the bio weapons in the name of Covid-19. When the world is weeping over the disease, China suddenly happens to establish complete control over the spread. More than eighty thousand people were affected but the death is counted to be three thousand!

The leftist forces are loyal to their masters. They have not dared to raise fingers at the distressing figure manifested by China. Even, the haughty nation tends to accuse others for the sprawling of Corona. The loyalists of leftism have remained in ambush to unearth speculations against the Communist Regime in China.

Rather, their interest revolves about the axis of building gimmicks over motions initiated by the prevailing central government in India. The dubious nature was well-reflected in their attitude when people claiming to save constitution did not bother to condemn ‘Nizamuddin’ incident. Instead, some generous intelligentsias were busy adding a religious column to Biriyani and Gazhals on Twitter.

The complaint is not directed against any community or belief. Bharat is a holy land of fathom deep culture of containing diversity. A tincture of Leftism earns political untouchability in the United States while India’s constitution has rewarded us with freedom to foster any political principle. However, it is high time to keep Communists responsible for their nasty vision against our nation.

‘Azadi’ ought to remain pure and unconditionally faithful to national etiquettes.

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Author of ‘The Odyssey of Reunion’ and ‘The Octahedral Verses’, Odisha Youth Awardee-2019, ABVP, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh
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