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The Chinese virus- Corona- Indian perspective

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Since the day, this deadly disease knocked on India’s door, like everybody else, I was also restricted to my home with my family, to abide by PM Mr Modi’s humble request for implementation of necessary precautions by the citizens and India as a whole; yes request, not a fatwa, not an authoritarian order to follow a forceful lockdown, but a request with folded hands to ordinary citizens to observe a day off for the love of this country, for the sake of saving every single Indian . On 15th April I came across a video, a kid was watching television news channel with his family, that kid started crying to see Modiji requesting us, Indians, with folded hands to stay safe from Corona, maintain social distancing & proper hygiene. The kid complained to his mother that why does he (Modiji) need to fold his hands , why such a gesture is required from the Prime Minister since he is only doing it for a greater good, for the safety of the nation not for himself or his family? I had tears in my eyes, witnessing the pure innocent emotion of that child and I was very proud at the same moment to witness the values that boy had been inculcated with by his parents. I am proud to be an Indian finding such truth, innocence and solidarity in our society.

I was very keen to write about this whole Chinese Corona Virus, because I was in deep pain, pain that had broken me from inside to learn the astounding amount of turmoil the virus had caused to entire humanity. At the same time I’m very thankful to OP Media India to give me an opportunity, to a nobody, a commoner, a great platform to write for what I believe in. I actually started writing on this subject on 22nd March 2020, the day Janta Curfew was announced in India and Mr Modi addressed the whole nation on National television about the threats this disease have in its fold for India, but sometimes it is just more than the motivation that is needed to unwind one’s thoughts.

Modi ji is a man of words. I would like to mention here very specifically that we Indians are blessed to have a PM like Mr. Narendra Modi, I truly mean it and I respect the man. Trust me I am no bhakt or a blind follower. Look around yourself, nobody can deny the fact that Modi & team delivered the undeliverable, one can’t imagine the burden of keeping alive the expectations of a population of India’s size. But the man is tough, adamant, a sanyasi, a yogi, follower of the Sanatan Dharma – Hindu dharma, no wonder he gets his strength, thought process and clarity from the very religion. Just like a fatherly figure, a guardian, he instructed the masses to religiously follow the norms of social distancing, maintaining Respiratory hygiene to beat this virus. People followed suit, every educated/informed individual , every responsible citizen belonging from various age/ income groups heard him, practised what was told to them by Modi ji. This is the real beauty of India, we listen to our elderly for the experience they share with the young ones since they have seen it all in their lives.

We could have suffered a lot given the size of population India boast off, but Mr Modiji acted as a determined war chief to shrug of all the negativity and think constructively in these tough times. Indeed, suffering build character. I am very hopeful that soon India will be able to completely eradicate this virus and the infection. This is the power of positive thinking, which reflected from Modi ji’s speeches during the lockdown. People laughed off, mocked at him for asking Indians to beat/bang utensils and make auspicious sounds to thank the caretakers, the nurses, the police, the commoner who risked their own lives for the best of the society, India in a greater prospect. But as mentioned earlier, majority of the people listened, did what was asked, without any questions/doubts, this is what we need as a country, a fatherly figure, a true Pradhan Sevak, who tells the nation what’s right and what’s not, and the people shall follow the path of righteousness. Rome wasn’t built in a day, every great nation takes courage, effort, bravery, sacrifice, talent to reach the zenith, to become a superpower, a dream, where every citizen is happy, contended, a contributor to the society, I believe we are on the way to become a great country, because the nation is in safe hands under the leadership of Modiji.

“Koi bhi desh perfect nahi hota, ussey perfect banana padta hai.. Police mein bharti honge, Military join karenge, IAS / IPS banenge, Politics ka hissa banker is desh ki sarkaar chalyenge, Ye desh badlega, hum badlenge issey…”

Above lines are in native Indian language – Hindi. The character uttering these words was on the verge of collapse in the movie, but even in those last moments of his, the character was positive and said that “No country was born great, it takes effort’s to make a nation rich, we, the youth of this country will make it great and rich. We will do whatever it takes to make the country proud, we will sacrifice our youth and join police force, military, politics to change the nation. The nation will change, we will change it. These lines keeps on buzzing within me while I’m breathing. What a fantastic idea it is, for bringing change in the society, one himself have to be the change, why not start yet, why is the delay, what are we waiting for?

There is a saying in Hindu religion , that whenever we try to do something that holds value and good, some obstacles do come in our way, that’s how the way of life is. Similarly, there were some threats that posed danger to the nation during lockdown, being educated & informed and a follower of Hinduism I will not utter a single word to point at them , no name calling, no names/clans to be blamed, so as to not give any importance to such instances & people. Hinduism does not teaches it’s followers to hate any one, any religion. Hinduism/ Sanatan Dharma is the only religion which amalgamates everything and everyone, it doesn’t asks the followers to preach it to others, not to add more followers like other religions do. As a matter of fact, rather we are taught to share, the limited resources with each and every individual , irrespective of caste and creed, that’s what makes us unique, makes India a hub of positivity.

Internet is flooded with zillions of videos clearly depicting what caused approximately 35 percent surge in the COVID 19 infections in India, there is no need to judge anyone/any religion, the truth is speaking for itself. It’s time for introspection, those who feel that it was wrong, shall come together , shall admit that yes, there was a misdeed, a fault, which shouldn’t have happened in the first place. Accepting your fault will not make you any less, but will empower you to face the initiated and the new liberated India and the world. This blind hate & poison will only harm you and your generations. Saw news feed that people reported their names as Narendra Modi in Rajasthan when health workers visited them for conducting survey about Corona infection. What is this? What are we doing collectively doing wrong here? You hate Modi, fine. Why hate the health workers? Why stone pelt them, beat them, spit on them? India never crossed borders for raping and looting foreign territories , rather we lived happily in our country, it was others who could not digest our prosperity and used us, betrayed us, looted us, murdered, raped, destroyed our temples, killed the Kashmiri pandits.

There is a religion known to mankind as tolerant as Hinduism. We tolerated all the butchering, we witnessed conversions, saw how ugly the lust for blood is. We saw all the political monarchies in our time when 1 Indian rupee was passed onto the common masses as 10 paise. We saw how China killed Indian soldiers in 1962 war, when the enemy was at the top, a favourable geographical position and our soldiers had to tie ropes to pull up tanks on the mountains to fight. We fought, we were a formidable competitor but the political aspirations & willingness was not there, so we lost. We also faced emergency, lakhs of people were involuntarily sterilised, singers/poets were thrown in prison, many people who opened there mouth for the sake of India and democracy were murdered and silenced. There was no phone/mobile/internet with an average Indian at that point of time which can instantly click a picture or record a video and later on share on social media.

Absence of digitalization helped the sinners. Those sinners are now asking for Modi ji’s report card. We, the youth of this country shall reply these sinners and bigots in every upcoming election, rather why have elections in the first place when the economy is crippled with losses, thanks china; let’s do digital vote , no need for elections, to keep the same government in power till our economy beats china, like 20 years maybe. Food for thought.

Coming to the Corona Virus, that’s absolute truth that it is indeed a china made, china spread virus. So many conspiracy theories doing rounds on you tube and social media. Thanks to the time I had during lockdown, it allowed me to put in some quality time going thru social media, YouTube videos to understand what caused this pandemic. There are two possible reasons, one is the dominance, that china always wanted over US/Europe and the whole world in larger picture & the other is there culture that promotes eating every living organism on mother earth. If conspiracy theories are to be believed, as absurd it may sound, china was working on a biological weapon, which they couldn’t contain and it spread, this claim hold its weight knowing that Beijing do have Virus labs, nurturing over 6000 different types of viruses and enough proof of them supporting roach farms (obviously in the wake of Chinese Virus Corona – that data has been deleted off internet, thanks again china for keeping us uninformed)  also implementation of laws to consider wildlife as a Resource.

They promote harvesting and consumption of wild life, species like dogs, cats, turtles, ants, cockroaches, peacock, Tigers, bats, bears and further killing and selling there meat in open markets, wet markets, just like an abattoir, but open to naked eyes of general public, you go, pick an octopus, ask the seller to butcher it up for you, done, as simple as that. Question is why is there is so much greed, hunger for exotic meat in China and not in entire world. Sexual gratification maybe as reported by a well-known Chinese intellectual working in US now. The world shall hold China responsible and ask china the questions that needs to be asked. When will the world stop paying for misdeeds of China, first SARS from civic cats now Corona, what later on in new future, a new virus from consuming the remains of a Dianasorous.

If reports are to be believed about the virus getting spread from wildlife and illegal/inhuman consumption of so called exotic meat, the epicentre of this virus was a Wuhan Wet Market, it was only one, there were many, which were operating at the verge of the outbreak, 27 of the initial patients out of 42 who reported to Wuhan medical hospital showed similar symptoms of the disease, all these 27 people had paid visit to the Wuhan Wet Market in mention.

These viruses reach humans thru a carrier, just like aids from chimpanzee, Ebola from bats, SARS from Cats, if a human doesn’t comes in contact with these carriers there is no question of a disease or a virus spread. But these wet markets served the unquenchable thirst for blood of the Chinese, a virus was carried from Bats to pangolins, yes, they consume Bat soup and meat and eat pangolin meat, an animal secretly hiding in caves and mountains are being breed and slaughtered. Animals are subject to absolute cruelty in these markets, where cages containing them are stacked one over the other significantly increasing chances of a disease spread, imagine the blood, pus, saliva, excreta one animal shares with the other.

As of yesterday approx. 20000 people had died in US alone, I don’t have the courage to add up the death toll of Italy, Spain and the rest of the world, people are unemployed, economies trembled, recession is crawling and the mankind is struggling for what? Bat meat/ pangolin soup? The world – Japan, Russia, US, India, all the world leaders, shall come together and put sanctions on china holding them responsible for this blood bath , this is pure evil, terrorism at its worst. They misguided spineless WHO authorities, allowed the virus to travel to the entire world, hid the truth, reprimanded the whistle blowers and the whistle giver.

In the end I would like to once again tell the entire world and my dear Indian citizens, we are very lucky to have a great leader serving as our Prime Minister – Modi ji – a man with a mission. We are in safe hands. I request you all to please practice being a responsible citizen before asking for your rights, with power, comes responsibility. Let us be more responsible and reasonable. Stay united. Overcome all the negativity and stay positive, stay with your family, we are blessed to share this time with our parents, wife, children’s in such crises, it is an historic moment which we are witnessing and the lessons of which will never be forgotten. This is similar to witnessing the Third World War. But we will rise, we Indians have endured much, no more bigotry now.

Endnote with some lines of a patriot  – The man who was willing to die100 times for his nation. “Sarfaroshi ki Tammana ab hamare dil mein hai, dekhna hai zor kitna baju-e-Qaatil mein hai,
karta nahi kyu dusra kuch baat-cheet , dekhta hu , main jise wo chup teri mehfil mein hai,
Ae shaheed-e-mulk-millat, main tere upar nisaar, ab teri himmat ka charcha gair ki mehfil me hai…
Waqt aane de bata denge tujhe-e-aasmaan, hum abhi se kya batayein, kya hamare dil mein hai….
Dekhna hai zor kitna baju-e-Qaatil mein hai
Dekhna hai zor kitna baju-e-Qaatil mein hai
Sarfaroshi ki Tammana ab hamare dil mein hai
Dekhna hai zor kitna baju-e-Qaatil mein hai

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