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Battling cabin fever- Why is it worth the wait

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When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. While humans have a genuine talent for ignoring inconvenient facts, they are equally vulnerable to chewing the bitter cud of insight. Having said that, it cannot be denied that opportunities knock our doors when we least expect them to. 

Amidst the hue and cry on the outbreak of COVID-19 and measures being taken across the globe to flatten the curve, one resource that nature seems to have bestowed upon us in abundance in these times of uncertainty, is time itself. On the one hand, where medical fraternity is burning the midnight oil to develop a vaccine against the novel Corona virus, the production house at bureaucracy has successfully completed 11 episodes of its show entitled “rendezvous with lock-down”. 

As citizens-turned-netizens continue to raise their brows and fall prey to the vagaries of this viral disaster, many of them are flicking off COVID-19 related updates like flakes of dandruff and ramping up their internal systems to fight bigger battles that lie ahead.

With ample time at their disposal, spinning creativity and contentment from the thread of free will is certainly not an uphill task for those who believe in the power of time. Be it philanthropic deeds or exercising a hobby or upgrading skills, reports from across the nation are rife in the print media. What started off as a recipe to keep the dragon at bay seems to have become the new normal.

However, to call it a norm would not be appropriate at this juncture considering the fact that we live in a society where norms go for a toss every now and then. But, insofar as making the best out of present situation is concerned, Indians are definitely doing a good job at all fronts, making it “worth the wait”.

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