Friday, September 22, 2023


Lockdown improves climate

COVID effect: Brakes on the culture of condom-solutions

India is placed at a great advantage to lead the world and show them the real path to move towards achieving a happy and satisfied world instead of creating several pockets of competitive and dissatisfied societies.

COVID 19: A soft reset for Delhi woes?

his Covid-19 led situation has provided an opportunity in the form of various surprising and illuminating evidence to think about what we are doing and why we are doing.

Being human to humanity

As we are stuck in home, treat this as blessings in disguise to discover ourselves and teach our kids about it so they start practicing at this age to uplift themselves and work on inner potentials.

COVID-19: A way forward

This pandemic is a sure warning to us that how “population explosion” is going to create a large magnitude catastrophe in future if we don’t act on it.

The pandemic paradox

The psychosomatic or the mental frame has faced a huge blow in the ongoing pandemic.

Coronear 2020- The year of a new beginning

To avoid landing into an existential conundrum, it is important that we start giving back what mother-nature has bestowed upon us. Else, ‘to be or not to be’ will no longer remain just Hamlet’s soliloquy.

Improved quality of air and increased survival of corona? Is there a new danger hidden under our carpet

Many even ardent followers of Modi also have expressed their displeasure and anger against Modi for his unplanned lock down and his habit of giving nation, a surprise at short-notice.

Battling cabin fever- Why is it worth the wait

Lockdown has brought many usual yet not unanticipated things which were absolutely much needed.

Can COVID-19 bring a behavioral transformation and help tackle climate change?

What has been a nightmare for the human race has been nothing less than a jackpot for the environment and other species living here and has significantly helped the planet in some ways to heal itself.

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