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Coronear 2020- The year of a new beginning

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It has been close to 70 days now since the country has been battling the deadly coronavirus. Every now and then, people seem to be drawing a blank in response to the questions that are being raised regarding future course of the pandemic. While healthcare professionals and police are slaving beyond calls of duty to help contain the spread of COVID-19, the picture seems to get clearer with each passing day. Having realized that uncertainty is the gospel truth, people have become valiant and are equipping themselves to move into an unchartered territory lest the virus continues to spread its tentacles.

However, amidst a doomsday scenario that is emerging in bits and pieces ever since the outbreak occurred, one question still remains unanswered- can we call it a pandemic?

As long as the theory of natural selection holds true and history continues to repeat itself, the answer would be certainly be ‘no’. While nature’s way of selecting the fittest for survival cannot be questioned, it is very much in our hands to stop meddling in the affairs of nature and stop acting as though he were the only species on the planet. It is important that we come out of the illusion that we are inviting certainty and security for our future by embracing technological development. It is also important to keep an eye on our affinity for other life-forms and mend our relationship with other creatures on the planet as an atonement for the sins we have committing in the name of consuming food from animal sources.

To avoid landing into an existential conundrum, it is important that we start giving back what mother-nature has bestowed upon us. Else, ‘to be or not to be’ will no longer remain just Hamlet’s soliloquy.

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