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Let us not chase coronavirus, learn viral mutation in co-morbid environment to prevent more deadly virus to emerge

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Blame none; develop endure all threshold; only people of India can practice today. 

Because by blaming Modi Indians cannot achieve anything and Indians may have to live inside the lockdown chamber, may be till 2024. Blaming Modi is equal to blaming our destiny because WE the people of India only elected him with astounding majority for the second time to play the emotional game called lockdown; for our safety. 

Novel coronavirus is reported to mutate fast and hence a vaccine to develop against such fast mutating virus is not that easy. Further the fast mutation of the virus also helps the virus to escape the immunity. 

From the evolutionary standpoint, the virus may be mutating rapidly because it has not yet identified and equilibrated its host. The host-virus harmony has not happened.

According to the observation of WHO, asymptomatic carriers of the virus are less infectious than symptomatic carriers and those fully infected individuals or COVID 19 patients. The shedding rate of virus by people is extremely high during their early stage of viral invasion i.e., more from the upper respiratory tracts such as nostril and throat than from lungs. 

When such is the situation, the most important question is whether the spread of the virus is to be worried the most or the possible beneficial mutation of virus in certain hosts if such event were happening should be the serious concern?

Or else, we should phrase the above question reversely, that is, is the fast mutating virus less harmful than the one that mutate less? 

In co-morbid conditions, in all likelihood the mutation rate of the virus will be less.  On the contrary, in healthy individuals (without any listed co-morbid conditions and age predilection support) the rate of mutation of the virus can be expected to be quite high. The above statement is only a scientific speculation grounded with common sense and not with any experimental proof or clinical evidence. 

If the above speculation were true (looks like might be true), whom we should really worry the most? Is it not those who show all classic signs and symptoms of COVID 19 the most dangerous; both dangerously infected and equally infectious to others in the community?

If the above were true, the hospitalized patients are in danger as well as dangerous to the community by way of spreading the virus which might have poor rate of mutation and well adapted to human environment. In other words, more pathogenic to our society. 

When such virus enters another host, its infectivity can be higher than the one in circulation among general population. Does that not mean co-morbid conditions alone favour either no mutation or only beneficial mutation in virus to select its host? 

If we apply the above scientific possibility, are we not going to have two or more different mutants of the virus one being more pathogenic and the other being less pathogenic? Which of the above one we are preventing from spreading through lockdown? 

No mutation or more mutation of novel coronavirus, whichever may favours the virus, should we not understand and also the role of the environment (human host) that favours the beneficial trade-off of the virus? All speculations points towards co-morbid conditions to the precursor and not those healthy people (free from any of the listed co-morbid conditions). 

Time has come our epidemiologists, evolutionary biologists, microbiologists, medical fraternity and policy makers must pool their thoughts and bring a practical solution to the problem of lockdown. The novel coronavirus that is yet to adapt in human host and the one that has reasonably adapted in human host variants both are likely to be in circulation in our country.  The question is will these two mutants cross-over to each other when they get a chance to co-exist in same host?  Will such cross-over-ed strain going to be more deadly? 

From the academic pedestal we can go on ask several such questions. But the solution to the crisis is far from near.

If the novel coronavirus were true or primary pathogen, then the rationale of lockdown can be accepted, adopted and justified because no other option is left with to control and contain the spread of the virus.  But the novel coronavirus is a secondary pathogen. Therefore susceptible and resistant group is going to co-exist in our country and so shall the virus is also going to live with us. 

In our experimental understanding, a few lives we may have to lose. The question of who are those sacrificial goats is not our choice and only novel coronavirus alone has the last say. 

We have to save the country from economic destruction, gory of poverty and penury, hunger and starvation, civil war like condition, cannibalism, loss of employment, unemployment and above all the fear of death from all the above factors along with novel coronavirus. 

Whether people would develop herd immunity or not, but will develop sufficient confidence and courage to take on the virus after the lockdown. The poor virus is left with nothing but again mutate. Who knows, some of such mutation (s) can be harmful as well to the virus. 

Life and livelihood are inseparable and exclusively dependent in country like India. But cutting livelihood of people, we would only favour the virus and not human life in India. We have to challenge the virus in open field and not from ‘Lockdown Township’. At the end man alone shall win, because man has been winning wars against all such pathogens in the last 200 00 to 300 300 years ever since Homo sapiens got evolved.       

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