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Cut the BS. Stay home. Shut up

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Narasimhan Vijayaraghavan
Narasimhan Vijayaraghavan
The author is practicing advocate in the Madras High Court

Cut the BS. Get Real. Stay Home. Take Care. Save Lives. Epidemiologists from The Imperial College, London have suggested that “strict lockdown measure might have already saved up to 59,000 lives across 11 European countries. Many more deaths will be averted through ensuring that interventions remain in place until transmission drops to low levels.” Yes, Modi 2.0 could have done better. They could/should have announced 21 mandatory Lockdown, while putting in place the logistics. In particular, they could/should have factored in the presence of millions of migrant labourers among us. Were they forgotten or ignored? OpEds are getting written and news reports followed by Editorials that migrants may have been left to fend for themselves, which is pretty much leaving them to the wolves or virus or ghosts. Yes, it is heart rending to see them assemble at the borders of bus stations, compelled to care two hoots for social distancing norms in place. Or families, with children walking miles to get home, as they may be running out of what little savings they may have managed to possess. Yes. Yes. Yes. Where are the ideas, suggestions, models, positive help, be it moral or monetary from these Modihaters?

But is it fair or proper to be complaining or criticising the state administrations, in these scary times? Dissent is the essence of democracy. But howling all bad, is no dissent. It is stifling those waging the battle, on our behalf. They are men and women too. They have their families too. Those on the front line- be it Doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, hospital administration, police and security personnel, essential service providers, particularly the scavenging brothers and sisters and every other worker who is keeping the milk supply, news papers or any other item delivered without a break, are going their utmost.

We need to care for them too. India may be revealing numbers which are nowhere near what Wuhan in China, Lombardi in Italy or New York in United States of America are recording. We have no real answers. Have we crossed Phase-1 and 2 or 3, or in the midst of ‘peaking’, to be sure that the process of flattening the curve, has begun? We don’t know. We are no better placed than the most developed countries which too are groping for answers including a possible vaccine.

Just no one knows. If Dr. Anthony Fauci, the US numero uno among Pandemic experts, the world over says “No one can say for sure. The virus is the boss of all, it surveys. Covid-19 decides the time line for all of us. We can only sit back, stay home and keep safe and hope for the best. I make it clear, in my over 50 years as a medical professional, handling such viral disease crisis as H1N1, SARS, Ebola, the works, and read about Bubonic Plague, Black Death, Spanish Flu, I have seen nothing like this ever. Not one country could be ready, or be prepared to handle this catastrophe. It would make no sense to grumble and complain in these horrendous times. There is only one mantra, I can say with confidence and conviction. Stay Home. Stay Home. Stay Home. Please”. One wonders how these dissenters or ever naysayers can claim to be privy to, all they claim to be aware of. That is what our Prime Minister asked of us. He was constrained to even apologise to We The People, for all the inconveniences.

The Covid19 warriors, Central government downwards, are working 24×7 to keep us safe. Just note that Canadian Prime Minister’s wife was infected, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Health Secretary have become virus positive, and for the first time in his over 3 year White House administration Donald J Trump is speaking the truth. He is giving numbers which his Covid-19 Task Force has built models from. Across media, in the US, print and electronic, including Trump’s Trumpets, the verdict is “Trump is scared for America and the world”. It is that scary.

Olympics have been postponed by a year (but our dear commercial dadas in BCCI are yet to formally cancel or abandon IPL 2020, which as of now stands postponed to commence from 15th April, 2020. What, commence? Are you kidding yourself or us or does it disclose your depraved moola mindset). In the meanwhile, our #ModiHateClubs are working overtime, to gin up support for their one point agenda.

“Modi 2.0 is responsible for the virus to have seamless passage. He allowed it to spread and was happy with Janata Curfew Clapping. Then announced a 21 day mandatory shutdown, overnight, catching everyone on the wrong foot, particularly the migrant labour community. Modi 2.0 went ahead with Lockdown, unmindful of the consequences, without any prior research on the consequences. What is the use of his apology? We don’t have sufficient Testing kits. Our health care system, is woefully inadequate. As for the economic package, it is miserly. Already the Demonetisation affect still had its vestiges, GST had kept it aflame and now Modi’s Lockdown has pretty much sewn up the circle of agony. The Cure from Modi 2.0 is worse than the disease.” They go on and on. Luckily, their viral spread speed is nowhere near Coronavirus’.

When the invisible enemy is bombarding us from outside, inside, above, below and/or from any side, it chooses to, and the house is on fire, these ‘characters’ are sitting on the sidelines, and shouting that the firemen are led by a poor general and by staying home, away from the inferno, the people of India, may be killed in more numbers, than if they were allowed to get into the inferno. Thanks.

The tale of woes these ‘usual suspects’ can highlight, knows no remit. They have nothing useful or constructive to offer. Wonder how many of them made a contribution to PM Relief Fund or any agency? Only negative connotations which are inspirational to their #HateModiClub to enroll members.

For heaven’s sake, please wait till 2024. You have no choice. We beat you hollow at the hustings, not once but twice. We wanted Narendra Modi at the helm. We are sure and convinced that our Prime Minister and Covid-19 warriors are trying their darnedest, despite the adverse circumstances, and ‘your’ best of bad wishes. We The People shall have to contribute our mite. By simply staying home. Considering the environment, straying out is harmful not only to you, and you may not care, but it is vicious to those around you. Do care for Them. We are trying what we can. Being polite and chivalrous, to our immediate members of the community, particularly the essential service providers. And writing repeatedly to well up the spirits of the Covid-19 warriors on the front lines.

It is most unfortunate that these ‘usual suspects’ have no care or concern for the impacted, except flagging it off, to flog Modi with. The intent is potently unhelpful to the cause, they seemingly espouse. If you can’t contribute usefully or constructively, can we please add to the clarion call from the Covid-19 warriors, to their Stay Home message- a simple one- SHUT UP PLEASE.

Let the Covid19 warriors carry on the battle. They are fighting for us. If only We The People simply- Cut the BS. Stay home. Take care. Shut up. We save lives- we shall overcome.

(Narasimhan Vijayaraghavan- Author is practising advocate in the Madras High Court)

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Narasimhan Vijayaraghavan
Narasimhan Vijayaraghavan
The author is practicing advocate in the Madras High Court
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