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21 day lockdown in India

विस्थापन: दर्द की कहानी

विरह के गीत कोरोना संकट के बाद फिर से गाये जायंगे फिर भी गाये जायेंगे क्यूंकि ये ऐसा रस है जो बिहार के कणों में सदियों से विराजित है, शायद तब से जब हम पहली बार गिरमिटिया कहे गए थे.

Cut the BS. Stay home. Shut up

All those who oppose everything done by the govt., must remember that dissent is the essence of democracy, but howling all bad, is no dissent.

One India or diverse India has defeated the poor during lock down

The lock down declared by Modi’s government has proved that the ethos of one India is nothing but a myth and the people of India can be saved only the respective state government

Time to implement e-Governance in district and Panchayat administration

Good thing is that India has already created the base for introducing the e-governance in local administration by creating digital infrastructure.

Defied lockdown, Lack of vision or extension of politics

Some regular hate-mongering anti-national and anti-establishment forces, deliberately trying to destabilize the government arrangement in such a hard time when the health of the country is on the risk.

How Indian cultural ethos came to our rescue in the COVID-19 lockdown

Indian culture drawn from various scriptures gives us the message that the internal resources of the soul is more important than external resources.

Krishna built Dwaraka first only then fought Jarasandha and Kalavayana, Modi should save Indians first

Whatever be the magnitude of Corona threat and its global impact, measures must be humane and should not kill India further.

Mahabharat war to justify 21 day lockdown, remember the end of king Parikshit

It is always right when a democratically elected government especially that enjoys absolute majority does anything even if it is disastrous and catastrophic to...

Muslim leadership in India has to step in the fight against Covid-19

If the virus manages to pester in the community due to stupid actions of a few, it will impact all of us.

Positives of 21 day lockdown in India

As India braces for a lockdown, something which was expected, the need of the hour and a welcome move for several reasons.

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