Monday, June 17, 2024
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A construction professional, author, lecturer, seeker and hobbyist, Devamalya De (Dev) is a published co-author for the bestseller Living a Wealthy Life. He has published articles in various Indian web media and maintains twelve Facebook pages in different genre including short stories and diary snippets. More information and his writing can be found here.

Positives of 21 day lockdown in India

As India braces for a lockdown, something which was expected, the need of the hour and a welcome move for several reasons.

Why India can’t afford a free run of the Corona virus

To put it straight: India is not prepared to meet the requirement of ICU ventilator beds if Covid-19 spirals out of control.

It’s not long before a Pakistani shows his true colours

Here is how even ordinary Pakistanis in professional walks of life aren’t politically knave or hands in mouth. They are pretty active and constantly trying to garner support through whatever means.

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