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How Indian cultural ethos came to our rescue in the COVID-19 lockdown

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The whole world is one family is one of the foundational principles of the Indian cultural philosophy enshrined in the Upanishads. This philosophy seems to be more relevant during the current COVID-19 crisis which has shaken the whole world, the human family in its entirety. Spirituality has been a major cultural practice in India and during the national lockdown, we find ourselves resorting to spiritual practices such as meditation and prayer. Indian culture drawn from various scriptures gives us the message that the internal resources of the soul is more important than external resources. Today, we are cut off from the external economy and we have to rely on our mind, spirit and body, considering the current national lockdown.

Indian culture has a rich history of various indigenous art forms such as dance, painting, music and literature. During the current lockdown, we find ourselves reconnecting to Indian cultural art. Our harmonium was put away in a trunk for almost ten years. However, the lockdown made my father take the harmonium out and play classical Indian music on it. My father has never cooked since his marriage. However, during the current lockdown, my father has started cooking the lunch every day, to reduce the burden of household chores on my mother. The versatility and diversity of Indian cuisine has increased the flexibility with which my father can cook various dishes.

The entertainment industry is a gift of India’s post liberalisation economy, of a private business-oriented economy. While, undoubtedly the socialist welfare state has regained significance in the current COVID-19 crisis, it is films, music and books that have made our stay-at-home period tolerable and even recreational during the current lockdown. Cinema has always been a dominant cultural preference amongst Indians. Me and my brother, both fond of Bollywood movies, are catching up on good old Hindi films available on Netflix. The Government, due to popular demand, has decided to re-telecast the mythological series of Ramayana and Mahabharata on the DD National TV channel. This again reinforces the popularity of the television media as a form of cultural entertainment in India. After India liberalised its market in 1991, there was an immense proliferation in the number and diversity of Indian TV Channels.

Traditionally, India consisted of joint families instead of nuclear family. Pre-modern India had a collectivistic culture and not an individualistic culture; collective cooperation was more important than individual self-interest. According to the Gita, “By co – operation and mutual help all shall achieve the highest human welfare.” This principle of collective cooperation is of the highest importance in the current public health crisis. The current COVID-19 nationwide lockdown has given us the scope to reconnect ourselves to our Indian cultural roots.

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