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Krishna built Dwaraka first only then fought Jarasandha and Kalavayana, Modi should save Indians first

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Has Modi, our Honourable Prime Minister of India adventured to 21 day India lockdown to prove he is very decisive or to receive applaud from WHO and world community or to really save India from Corona is difficult say because of the visible sufferings of millions of people due to the lockdown. 

Modi has recently invoked Mahabharat war that lasted for 18 days and finally Pandavas won the war to prove a point that India too shall win the war against Corona in 21 day battle.

Indirectly Modi appears to have self-designated himself to be like Lord Krishna who guided Pandavas during Mahabharat war. Now Modi is guiding the war against Corona for 21 days by locking down entire India. 

Indians must tell also about the important sub story in Mahabharata where how Lord Krishna saved Yadus from Jarasandha and Kalavayana, to set the record straight.

Lord Krishna killed Kamsa and as a result, the two wives of Kamsa, daughters of Jarasandha went into deep grief. The grief stricken daughters provoked the anger in Jarasandha who then decided to wage war against Mathura to eliminate Yadavas from earth with his 23 Skshhouni warriors but was defeated by Krishna and his brother Balarama. Although 17 times Jarasandha waged war but got defeated repeatedly.  Finally on 18th time, another warrior called Kalavayana has decided to join Jarasandha to fight Yadavas.  Kalavayana has decided to bring huge number of warriors to Mathura to fight the war.


Sensing the dual danger, Lord Krishna and Balarama decided to build a fortress in Dwarika where no human being can easily penetrate, completed the task and then shifted all Yadavas from Mathura to Dwaraka and saved them from both Jarasandha and Kalavayana.

Dear Modiji, India is already in deep trouble due to demonetization, GST, loss of job and unemployment, slipping GDP etc. All the above problems we can equate with Jarashandha. The entry of Corona can be equated to Kalavayana. Indians have no problem in comparing Modiji with Lord Krishna if Modiji has, like Lord Krishna, first built a fortress, saved the people and then defeated both economic slug and Corona.

But Modiji has clamped all India lockdown and shifted our economy from ventilator to crematorium and affected the livelihood and life of millions and millions of people.


India is not US or European country. Whatever be the magnitude of Corona threat and its global impact, measures must be humane and should not kill India further. In US and European countries, the agricultural zone is separately demarcated and mechanization in agricultural sector is quite vivid. But in India, many small farmers own their land adjacent to residential or human dwelling areas and hence they have to physically attend to the agricultural work daily and otherwise the crop may dry out. 

Similarly the farm animals also need to be feed and watered daily. Most of the farmers’ have the habit of procuring even the most essential commodities from market with their daily wage. When we cut their daily income and market, what those poor farmers will do to live? 

Further what we eat today is been produced and harvested yesterday or day before yesterday.  If we cut the agricultural produce for 21 days, what Indians will have to eat after 21 days? 

What would be the rate of inflation, what would be the level of scarcity of many essential commodities, how haphazard can go the supply chain due to high traffic, how much civil unrest can be the counter product, should India realize and study before lock down for such prolonged 21 days?

Solution to an emerging problem is inevitable and everyone in India will stand with Government but if the solution itself is going to pose bigger problem than the problem of Corona, how we can deal the situation?

Look at the MSME sector. Already the MSME is struggling to breathe due to demonetization and GST implementation.

Now the Corona lockdown will further kill the MSME. Continuous sensitization of people, imposing reasonable restrictions in public place, setting up several micro medical facilities at village level and handing over the modus operandi of how to implement social distancing to district magistrates and the respective state governments should have the best bet than going for all India lockdown for 21 days.  

MSME should have been allowed to function with clear commitment and responsibility; market should be allowed to open with providing all required medical aids like masks, sanitizers, water etc., instead of lock down.

How Modi failed to follow the genius of Lord Krishna who built Dwaraka first and then waged war against Jarasandha and Kalavayana. A catastrophic step will not stop another catastrophe. 

Can we ever build our old India at least in next 25 years, forget about New INDIA.   

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