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Defied lockdown, Lack of vision or extension of politics

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When prime minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on the evening of 24th March, we have seen a firm determination in the country leadership to fight against the coronavirus. The complete lockdown was urged by the supreme leader and was labeled as almost curfew. When it was expected that the growing chain will be trailed and stopped, we can see a surge in the crowd on the Delhi-UP border, leading to a complete failure of the lockdown requested. We will see an analysis of the situation based on political. Also, we will see some regular hate-mongering anti-national and anti-establishment forces, deliberately trying to destabilize the government arrangement in such a hard time when the health of the country is on the risk.

After the huge success of Janta curfew, we realized the united spirit of India, and with that belief PM Narendra Modi called for a nationwide lockdown of 21 days. Probably PM Modi had an expectation that 130 crore citizens will be fully co-operating in the fight against Covid19 Disease. For the first two days, all the citizens were co-operating in the complete lockdown when we see activities from some sleeper cells of anti-India forces, who created panic among the migrant population in various parts of the country, specially Delhi. At this point, I would like to emphasize specially on the term sleeper cell, for the reason that there is no election in the concerning states, and no political benefit seems to be drawn from the malicious activities of such society vultures.

Firstly when state governments were busy arranging food and shelter for the daily workers and under-privileged section, we can see in the video below (click link), where people (allegedly Delhi police) announcing that buses are available up to Delhi-UP and Delhi-Haryana border. However, there was no arrangements for peoples beyond that.

Further, a very small fraction of the migrated population of the at Delhi-UP and Delhi Haryana border started walking towards their destination, instead of providing them stay and food, a number of vultures tried to create pressure on the government for their migration. In such a scenario sympathetically Uttar Pradesh Government announced the arrangement of 1000 government buses to safely migrate such peoples. But at the same time counter-attack was done by sleeper cell network and NDTv Reporter Aravind gunasekar misled public that 1000 buses will be arranged at Anand Vihar Bus terminal. As you can see in the tweet below.

Under such conditions, AAP MLA Raghav Chaddha came up with baseless rumors, said UP Police is charging migrants. However some cases may be seen where police used force to enforce lockdown, but that was not at all very specific to the Delhi-UP border. The tweet is deleted after some time, and UP police lodged an FIR against Raghav Chaddha.

Deliberately putting such rumors are not at all going to give a political mileage to any of the politicians or reporters. All of us must have come up with a solution and helping hand, for those who are in the tough times for their basic needs under this crisis. We must understand that at a time when all of us need to be united. Central and state governments were unable to forecast such issues, and helping migrants by providing 1000 buses turned down, and must be put liable for nabbing such malicious elements of society.


A small mistake may lead us to a huge problem socially and economically. And such anti-establishment journalists and politicians, playing with the life of a large chunk of the population must be framed under strong sections of IPC. Their nexus objective and ideology must be exposed to all of us.

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