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An irresponsible state under the responsible state

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Writer is a post graduate in Economics from Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi. Currently working in private sector as a data analyst.

So far as a nation we have been successfully delivered our responsibilities under the nest of government. Epidemic has not been able to catch that ruthless trajectory as it does in the Europe and in the great America. India tried to beat the curve rather than following it like South Korea. Though, it is early to claim, but we need to convince ourselves that we are far ahead than anyone else. Bragging about our frantic measures should not take place until we get a clear picture. But for time being lets enjoy it as our healthcare fraternity will have much experience than before. The most pejorative incident that took place is the congregation of Tabliqi Jamat in Nizamuddin markaz. That was something inscrutable but what was most disappointing that organizers got a vast support from the minority group under the curtain of political assembly that took place in Madhya Pradesh and mass exodus of migrants from economic power houses after nation wide lockdown. Above two incidents are easily dependable but lets not do that as article will lost its meaning.

Country’s minority group must understand that majority group can not be only responsible for maintaining the communal harmony in a society. It is a two-way road and only an option. No country or community can accept these draconian clerics who are parallelly running their government. We have seen an immense tolerance from the majority community when Shahin Bag protest was holding against CAA. Government and honorable supreme court both stated that you are free to use your political rights and express your dissent. Local people were continuously requesting organizers, groups and community to uncheck roads as their children were not able to attend schools. Despite this cognizance no one tried to understand the genuine concerns. This process extended till 2-3 months. This was a something that seeded a deadly sectarian clash in eastern Delhi.

Same thing is repeating again and again, today at the urge of time, Tabliqis are beating and spitting on police, nurses and other supporting staffs. Can we have more deteriorating situation than this? Yes! They will not leave a single stone unturn. They are changing their clothes in front of female staff, arranging further congregations in quarantines. Fair enough, still they will get enough support from some part of their community. This is not something that we should ignore. #CoronaJihad can be considered as a natural response in such cases. Which responsible head would talk about peace if their family members are under attack? Will Tabliqi community itself be silent if someone infected from epidemic insist to hug them?

Undoubtedly, people are behaving responsibly across the country regardless of their faith. But Muslim community will face the backlash as this hotspot is directly related to a religious congregation. France, NY, South Korea and Singapore all got infected through the religious congregations. Similarly, Tabliqi itineranted Covid-19 from Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan to India. Even they knew that some of them can be infected as Malaysia has already cleared it out, still their blind faith made them to arrange this gathering, why?

If that was by mistake then they should have behave culturally with the administration and frontline fighters. But they chosen different route, which is clearly stating that Maulanas are effectively controlling the large part of society. They are running parallel government when it comes to the rules, law and discipline, while they are demanding for rights when it comes to sanitation, duties and responsibilities. Still, I am not convinced why are we allowing them to run a parallel government? Why don’t we have any guidelines for these religious preachers and institutions regardless of their faith? Why do we allow foreigners to come India and proselytize poor and illiterates?

The fact is that we are living under the poorly knitted state under the auspices of so called secularism. This secularism has been one-sided always. In fact, this secularism made minority group more vulnerable and poor in these 70 years (refer Sachhar committee report). Appeasing one community over other will only lead to open a gate of poverty, and backwardness for former one. On this front, Hindu community has been so lucky that they got through that critics and improved themselves.

This is a time we should approach towards more equality in term of economic standard, politic, religious congruences. Universal civil code can be a milestone in this direction. Lets end all the autonomy that our constitution provides to these religious groups. Constitution should only guarantee the freedom of faith in a civilized and peaceful way. Government should offer an environment where all the minorities can thrive without hurting anyone else.

Having said that I appeal to all the institutions to cooperate with the government as your faith, food, sect all are conditioned to your life.

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Writer is a post graduate in Economics from Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi. Currently working in private sector as a data analyst.
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