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Duryodhana and Purochana failed to burn Lakshagriha, truth alone triumph, let us hail Modiji

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The cunning, jealous, greedy, evil minded Duryodhana has plotted to a new scheme to kill Pandavas in an intelligent way but at the end failed miserably. Duryodhana asked Purochana to build Lakshagriha or house of lacquer so that Duryodhana can invite Pandavas to stay in the new house. When they sleep in the house of lacquer, he employed Purochana to burn the house as lacquer is easily flammable and such accident would go un-noticed as a cleaver ploy of Duryodhana. But the noble hearted Vidura realized the evil and sinister design of Duryodhana and Purochana, helped Pandava to make an underground tunnel to escape in the event of any fire break out.

Duryodhana and Purochana also cleverly chose the date and timing to burn the lacquer house.  They chose Amavasya or new moon day because the night of any new moon day would be very dark so even someone likely to help the Pandavas was also not that easy and also the poor visibility due to Amavasya night, the Pandavas cannot escape so easily.

If we reflect carefully the evil design of Duryodhana and Purochana with the riot appears to be sponsored, guided and lead by some tukde tukde gangs from behind in North East Delhi recently, it is very clear that those participated in the riot somehow wants to destroy India and attack the honesty and sab ka vikas mission of Modi and Amit Shah.

Like how Duryodhana and Purochana have chosen Amavasya day to burn the house of lacquer to kill Pandavas, the plotters of riot in North East Delhi also chose the timing and the date carefully so that the world media attention would be towards the riot.

US President Donald Trump’s visit to Delhi was bound to attract the media attention of the world and hence the rioters appears to have chosen the same day to instigate riot, like how the evil Duryodhana and Purochana had decided to burn the house of lacquer on Amavasya day.

Like honest Vidura, people of India who are rooted deeply in our ancient tradition and culture called Hinduism stood with Modi and Amit Shah, exposed the treacherous game plan of several opposition parties to make political capital out of riot and human life.

Today India has realized at least at the speculation level, how the riot was commissioned to dismantle the peace and harmony in India so that the blame can be squirrely shifted to BJP.

Indians needs to be very vigilant and wary of most of the opposition parties.  They are destroying India in the name of attacking Modi and Amit Shah. India can be saved only by re-inviting our cultural roots and connecting people with our ancient tradition and civilization which teaches and promotes universal brother hood, unity in diversity and honesty. But many political parties want to divide the peace and compartmentalize diverse religious groups and make some political capital out of such division. Some innocent minority communities unfortunately follow the script of some opposition parties.

Time has come, every Indian must evoke the great Indian culture and heritage called Hinduism and must pledge unconditional support to Modi and Amit Shah. Defeat of Modi and Amit Shah is equal to the defeat of India.

Modi is born for India whereas those of Indians who oppose India can only claim at best they were born in India. Modi is the future hope and promise of India and not the rotten dynastic politics.  Every Indian has huge responsibility to save India and India can be saved only by supporting Modi and not the opposition parties or Delhi lutyens or tukde tukde gangs. Let us save India, let us support Modi and let us practice and promote the true essence of Hinduism, universal brotherhood, unity in diversity and peace.

Jai Hind.

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