Why BJP shall be the main stream party forever in India

Despite the hype prejudice and biases displayed by mainstream print and electronic media against BJP, the detractor do admit in private that Congress is over. It is reduced to Zero with no credential left today. A hype has been created around few vested Lutyen journalist about the grandeur and decorated past, but all are crumbling under the stupidity and ignorance of emerging leadership in congress. There is absolute lack of knowledge capital left in congress to lead a aspiring nation of tomorrow.

Emergence of BJP has been piloted by Indian middle class who emerged little behind the time curve. Today 60 crore of strong middle class shall always remain under the BJP Influence. Unlike arrogance of elite class and ignorance of poor class, the middle class is always progressive and nationalist voice.

PM Modi’s effort to bring poor into middle class by providing government schemes and house, is going to boost the chance of BJP forever. Communist world over, is still into the denial mode. Their fanaticism is becoming murderous and self bleeding. It will be middle class that will herald the ray.

BJP has emerged out as people’s movement, a national movement to assert the civilization and culture. No nation has survived beyond a time zone if it has not restored its cultural and civilization capital. The religion is different than the former two. Congress for left tried its best to confuse the masses, But BJP has been able to build up and convince the masses the importance of cultural and civilization renaissance.

Lord Ram Temple in Ayodhya has more cultural identity than the religious identity. Lord Ram is cultural icon of existing Santana (Sikh Buddha Jain and Hindu) besides forgone citizen of Indonesia/Afghanistan Pakistan and Bangladesh. The craving for cultural identity is widespread in stressed society of today.

It is BJP as political institution has understood and is working to fulfill the citizen aspiration.

Seasonal swing of mood and emotional response should not perturb a nation when Strong nationalist sentiment is emerging to fast.

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