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Local body election in TN, use correct reference to predict the downfall of DMK and upsurge of EPS

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The recently concluded local body election in Tamil Nadu is often described as victory of DMK and defeat of AIADMK. Unfortunately the reference point the analysts use needs to be corrected to understand the fact.

The anatomy of the recently held local body election results speak a different story that is the writing on the wall is clear for DMK as it is facing serious downfall. On the contrary, AIADMK led by its eminent leader and Honourable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, EPS has grown in stature and acceptance both within the party and in the state of Tamil Nadu.

We must use the correct scale or reference to analyse the outcome than taking a few more seats won by DMK over AIADMK to make our conclusion or final interpretation. In the last parliamentary election, DMK was in its pink of performance thanks to the well-organized negative and hate campaign against PM Narendra Modi with the help of several minority communities. DMK could easily galvanize minority votes towards it; but the majority community to that extent did not express their solidarity to AIADMK alliance. The result was expected, DMK made a landslide victory, the DMK alliance won 37/39 parliamentary constituency.

From there on the arrogance of DMK went to the peak hills, DMK even went to the extent of marginalizing the congress party and asking the congress party to leave the Nanguneri constituency to DMK. But the then the subsequent by-poll results in Nanguneri and Vikravandi were disastrous to DMK and subsequently DMK melted down its arrogance and humbled before its alliance parties.

On the contrary, AIADMK under the able and eminent leadership of EPS with the regular and continuous guidance of PM Modi has been emerging from strength to strength and gaining acceptance of people.

The recent local body election outcome should not be looked at from the regular optics that the ruling party must win and otherwise the result reflects the unpopularity and growing dissent against the government. No political party in Indian politics has suffered such division like AIADMK after the demise of Amma. But the cadres and all well-wishers of Tamil Nadu stood like a rock in support of the good governance of EPS, worked overtime to reach out to people to tell how DMK has been engaged in propagating and perpetuating hate politics and lies among people. Finally the people of the state have started to realize the reality and coming back to AIADMK to save the state. The guidance and support of PM Modi to save the state and AIADMK is quite high.

The recent local body election saw a very close fight between AIADMK and DMK. It means AIADMK has grown significantly in its acceptance from 2019 parliament election and on the contrary, DMK has started to lose and erode its relevance and acceptance.

For VCK, Congress party, MDMK and left parties, it is the right opportunity to demand for participation in government if DMK alliance wins the next election. Local body election result shows that all these parties would disappear soon if they fail to gain importance at the expense of weak and uncharismatic leadership of DMK. If they do not get fair representation in the next government and some of their prominent leaders become chief minister of the state under rotational chief minister formula, all those leaders and their respective parties would vanish from Tamil Nadu politics.

In spite of DMK being out power for two consecutive terms, still people’s acceptance of DMK as the next best option is poor and instead people are extremely happy with EPS and AIADMK. The time left for EPS in government is enough to reach out to people to tell the negative and hate politics of DMK and how bad it is for the state. Dynastic politics and corruption shall always go together and this message also EPS must take to people to tell them not to yields to dynastic politics.

The evenly poised mood of people also tells another truth. If Super Star enters the scene, overwhelming majority of people would shift towards Super Star as they want a new government, a new leader and definitely not DMK. If the outcome of local body election were one sided, then the possibility of Super Star tilting the score board would have harder but now it looks like quite easy for the Super Star to become the next chief minister of Tamil Nadu. Certainly Super Star will be honest, incorruptible like PM Modi, caste neutral and will work for the state than for own family.

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