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India should ensure decomposition not just defeat of tukde tukde gangs, dynastic politics and fear mongers

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Like how people of India have showed their extraordinary wisdom and commitment in electing Modi with massive majority both in 2014 and again in 2019 by defeating all those dynastic parties that promote corruption, nepotism and sycophancy; time has come, people of India must engage in mass scale clean up our political system. It is not just the defeat, but complete decomposition of the negative politics of the tukde tukde gangs and the dynastic political parties and only then India can be saved. Otherwise, all those tukde tukde gangs are likely to gather some glue to attach with each other and become a louder noise in India and catastrophic famine.

A peaceful India, a prosperous India, the India that can remain diverse and vibrant, we the Indians should gather under one common identity and culture irrespective of our different religious affiliations and only through such mass mobilization under Modi, we can save India.

Unfortunately most of the political parties are doing nothing but promoting their respective families, sycophants and some pockets their vote bank cleverly with certain caste arithmetic.

The political demography of India has been cruelly divided by many opposition parties on the basis of various caste equations and hence eliminating the caste system is quite difficult in India. As a result of constant re-enforcement of caste centric politics, India finds more Indians who think less of India and more of their own castes.

We must differentiate caste and religion from India’s great culture and tradition. We greet our fellowmen with ‘Namaste’. We respect our elders and women hood; all these are part of our tradition and culture. Our culture and tradition is a-religious and hence we should not oppose our ancient tradition and culture from the optics of religion. Hinduism and Hindutwa are two sacred words that carry world of meaning and messages. Hindus that we call as religion today certainly shares the larger expressions of Hinduism and Hindutwa but we should not let the tukde tukde gangs to mix the terms – Hindus and Hinduism are the same.

Hinduism is our cultural and tradition’s identity.  India that we refer always reflects only the sacred culture of India called Hinduism. People with other religious faiths and beliefs need not conclude Hinduism is more about Hindus than anything else. Hinduism is more about India, its culture, tradition, tolerance and how and why India remains secular because India’s tradition and culture is Hinduism.

Therefore promoting and perpetuating Hinduism is the primary responsibility of every Indian and in that mission people should not mix their religion. It is like how all Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and other religions in India are Indians, they are also part and parcel of our sacred culture and tradition called Hinduism. Hinduism is the universal expression of India and is not limiting to Hindus alone.

BJP is appealing to people to unite under our great culture and tradition called Hinduism only with the intent and spirit to unite all Indians irrespective of their religious affiliations and not to divide them like how the congress party and other tukde tukde gangs in India operate their politics.

BJP inspires people to re-invent and re-invigorate Hinduism so that India can be developed in toto without any disparity, discrimination and rejection. Modi has perfectly called such mission – Sab Ka Sath, Sab Ka Vikas. But most of the opposition parties and the age old party of the dynast are engaged in minority appeasement, using the religious leaders of some minority community to influence their respective communities to vote in favour of them and to please the minority community, they even abuse Hindus.

Hindus must unite and re-invent Hinduism to unite India and must tell the minority community that Hinduism is all about India’s culture and tradition, hallmark and identity and is not in favour or against any religion. Indian electorates must work overtime not just to defeat the opposition parties that oppose Modi but people must ensure all those negative and lie and fear mongers are fully putrefied and decomposed electorally. 

Divinity and God needs no counter force, instead God exist only to destroy the evil forces.

The politics of Modi and Amit Shah are centred on honesty, corruption free governance, sab ka vikas and hence such good governance and noble leaders need no opposition. If people of India does not wake up to this new reality and go one step further to ensure complete decomposition of all those negative politics of various regional parties and political forces of several dynasts, we cannot save India.

It is not just electing Modi alone is the responsibility but ensuring the complete elimination of all lie and negative politics from India is also equally important and only then India can be developed. People of India must realize the truth that Hinduism is our culture, tradition and identity and let us not reduce or diminish our identity by opposing it because it carries the prefix-Hindu.

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