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Disintegrate evil charmers in Indian politics, support Narendra Modi, save India

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Indian politics, although has gifted an extraordinary leader and statesman– Modi as Prime Minister of our country but at the same time our politics also unfortunately started to breed several evil charmers who are funding, sponsoring and extending other logical support to certain evil forces to protest and break peace and harmony of India in the name of CAA protest.

Most of those evil charmers looks like are trying to please someone, possibly an external force that resides in the neighbouring country – Pakistan to break India. But fortunately India is in the safe hands of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah and hence none of the efforts of either the evil forces or those evil charmers are going to work. In democracy, the elected government has its say only till the end of five years and again the country would go for election and then a new government would be elected.

The intent of all those evil charmers is that somehow they want to attack Modi and Amit Shah so that all those evil charmers can have their way unquestioned or unchallenged.

Modi is like a fire wall or citadel saving our country from all those evil charmers and evil forces.  The evil forces at best need food to eat and some money for their living. The evil charmers when provide those basic needs to the evil forces, the evil forces are there to do the job of their master – evil charmers. In turn who knows, the evil charmers may be also getting paid by ‘someone’ from Pakistan. Evil charmers may be acting as conduit of various antisocial and anti-national elements.

The evil charmers are the real conduit for the evil forces with possible Pakistani hands to offer all logistic and other supports. Considering such possibility, India must be wary of all those evil charmers than the real evil forces.

Evil charmers will be more active and aggressive only when they started to fear that the land is going God’s way, the divine leadership is in the helm of affairs, truth and dharma alone are going to prevail and the scope for any negativity is completely negligible. Modi has ensured good governance and sab ka vikas.

Today India is fortunate, lucky and happy to have Modi as its Prime Minister. India is equally fortunate to have the iron man – Amit Shah as Home Minister. 

Thanks to the divine leadership of Modi and Amit Shah, the corrupt dynastic forces that promote nothing by corruption, nepotism, sycophancy and policy paralysis are silenced and subterranean-ized. Naturally the evil forces even though have gone subterranean is still left with lots of evilness and hence may be acting both as evil and as evil charmer.

The reason being the evil charmers never want to get noticed because of their political interest/ ambition. They do not want to reveal their conduit role and only when their identity is hidden and concealed, they can contest election for power to engage even more vigorously in future both as conduit of anti-national foreign force as well as evil charmers in India. Imagine if those evil charmers ever win, they will do nothing but fan the evilness to remain in power.

Several media houses are also acting like evil charmers by highlighting some isolated statements by some eccentric people to show the country in poor light. In order to glorify the statement, the evil charmers in our country are willing to create great curriculum vitae to boost the image of those who criticize and abuse Modi.

India is a great country with great tradition called Hinduism that is considered to be the mother of all civilizations in the world. Modi has not just got elected but is over whiningly supported by Indians. People carry PM Modi in their heart.

India knows what India wants and so is Modi knows what is best for India because India supports Modi unconditionally. Therefore the prejudiced and conversion centric views of someone in US or UK have nothing to do with India; let them be business tycoon or economist or Nobel laureate.

India must promote the value systems of Lord Ram and Lord Krishna, must practice truth and ahimsa, India’s Hindu culture and tradition, equality and tolerance, development and sab ka vikas.  Modi is promotes not only honesty in public life but also promoting value based dealing of politics.

In the past India has witnessed snake charmers, ghost charmers etc. But all those charmers were limited in their role in a small, tiny village in some remote areas and were never so visible or loud in Indian politics. Further none of those snake charmers or ghost charmers would have ever received any support from Pakistan.

Indians must be very vigilant and watchful of all those evil charmers and must pledge their unconditional support for Modi to save India. We Indians and Modi alone can save the country from all those evil charmers

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