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Corrupt dynastic politics and coalition route for power, let us support Modi and save India

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To save the people of Mathura from Jarasanda- the demon king, Lord Krishna built a separate landmass in Dwaraka and moved the people of Mathura to Dwaraka. Lord Krishna could have easily killed the Jarasanda but Lord Krishna reserved the right to kill the demon king Jarasanda to his devotee Bheema.

At birth, Jarasanda was only one half where the two wives of his father gave birth to two separate halves of Jarasanda. Seeing the ugly child, the king ordered to discard the body of the child in the forest but a women demon named Jara in the forest accidentally brought both two halves of the child and to her surprise the child woke up to life. Due to her kindness, she gifted the child back to the king narrating all that had happened. The king was overjoyed because he got a demon king to continue his rule of Adharma and Aneeti after his death. The Jarasandha came to existence because of the demon Jara who only brought both separate halves of the child and made the child alive.

Today India is witnessing several Jarasandas in politics. At the behest of several demon-nassess, several lifeless, half and quarter sized political forces are coming together to life by forming an unholy alliance to continue the rule of dynasty, injustice, corruption, nepotism and sycophancy.  Like Jarasanda who was killed by the devotee of Lord Krishna, Bheema by separating the line of attachment of the two halves of the demon king Jarasanda, people of India also must defeat and decompose all those tukde tukde gangs that oppose the good governance of Narendra Modi.

At state level, coalition government can be accepted but for a stable India, coalition government India cannot afford to have. To protect the integrity, national security, development, sab ka vikas, corruption free governance etc., India need Modi and Amit Shah and not the Khan Market gang or sycophants or dynasts.

All the Asura kings during Lord Krishna’s time formed a formidable alliance to defeat Krishna.  They used the ploy of Tadaka, Karkodaka snake etc., but none of them worked against Lord Krishna because no day in our life, adharma and aneeti shall win over truth and honesty.

People of India can easily understand who are those Jarasandas forming unholy political alliances and who are acting like the demon Jara to make still born child to life to loot the nation.

Modi represents sacred and noble values, honesty, development, sab ka vikas and corruption free governance. Amit Shah is the axil of dharma and the annihilator of corruption and dynastic politics. 

All those evil forces are gathering strength to defeat Modi which every Indian must worry and prevent. 

Defeat of Modi or attack on Modi is against India and its development and progress. All those evil forces want to weaken India and defeat Modi because they have realized that only by weakening Modi, they can weaken India. Even if Indian is weak and unstable, that is ok for all those evil forces but still they want power to loot the nation and expand their dynastic rule.

Today what we witness in general in the political space of India is a fight between truth and untruth, Dharma and Adharma, development versus corruption, merit versus sycophancy, political dynasty versus true leadership born out of humbleness and humility (Modi).

Several micro reform measures of Modi have indeed caused some level of discomfort to our economy and all such consequences are known and at the same are very transient. It is like when we lay a road or re-build it, until the work is completed, the road would be quite uncomfortable to travel.

People must re-pledge their faith and unconditional support on Modi and Amit Shah to make India great, rich and developed.  Further corruption and dynastic politics free India, Modi and Amit Shah are needed. To prevent jarasanda to attack India’s stability, India needs Modi and Amit Shah.  Let us save India by defeating all those negative, corrupt, dynastic forces.

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