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We need an alternative right of the BJP

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We must be what the left in India claims to be but isn’t, plus we need to stick to our values
that the libertarians aren’t standing up for. Here are my few suggestions:

-In India we believe in Hinduism.
-India is and will be the HOMELAND for all Hindus.
-We need our very own Breitbart, FOX news, Russia Today to combat anti-Hindu
bigotry.(OpIndia must be what these publications are)
-Hinduism is LIBERAL. Both Christianity and Islam have borrowed from us and vice
versa. So we need to be what they are NOT. The Left claims to be which they aren’t-
-Freedom of speech
-Gay rights
-Pro capitalism
-Anti Fascist (Islam and Christianity are Abrahamic religions)
-We need to bring Hinduism back in fashion by that I mean we have to market or advertise ourselves in a way in which the youth is draw to us and our values.
-We need make the youngsters of this country realise that they are the future of Hinduism and itself India.
-We must have our Propaganda machine to counter the western media, the Arabic media and the leftist media, which all have anti-Hindu false narratives.
-We must be winning the Culture Wars, which we aren’t.
-We have to be the COOL kids in the class, not these liberals who are driven by their hatred for men especially Hindu men.
-In the liberal colleges of this country It is only the Hindu’s apologizing for everything, these foreign religion’s and their propaganda is breaking our back and making us apologize for it. HYPOCRISY
-We also need to call the west for all its hypocrisy, but at the same time learn from them on how they are protecting, spreading and propagating their culture.
We need to be constantly evolving ourselves to make ourselves better than our critics and opponents.
-We have to tap into the POP CULTURE like the other religions have to spread OUR message. It is the best and effective way to get the masses on our side.

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