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Raghul Vinci support Judas Iscariot – Mamata asking for UN referendum on CAA

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Indian politics has touched new low with the bizarre demand of Mamata, the chief minister of West Bengal, UN referendum on CAA. No Indian with an iota of Indian-ness can accept, forgive or forget the un-patriotic rhetoric of Mamata.

Mamata is doing more favour to Pakistan than to India. Unfortunately she is the elected chief minister of one of the important states in India that has gifted Tagore, Vivekananda, Paramahansa, Aurobindo, Bose and many others to the world. West Bengal should be ashamed over its sitting chief minister for denigrating India’s sovereignty, parliamentary democracy and supreme power and authority of both houses of parliament in enacting law for the land.

The name Judas everyone in the world remembers with great element of melancholy for his betrayal of Jesus to the then authority to crucify. Jesus is worshiped and Judas is always referred as great betrayer in the history.

Only way India can be saved is by Hindus uniting selflessly under BJP and Hindus must pledge their unconditional support to Modi and Amit Shah. Similarly the minority communities in India also must realize that they were being used by the so called pseudo-secular political forces to come to power. It is not just the pseudo secular political parties that harvest vote bank politics through minority appeasement and then betray the minorities but some of the religions leaders like Bishops and Maulanas too benefit by pledging the en mass support of the community to certain political parties but the benefits are largely reserved to the self than to the community. Unfortunately large sections of minority communities remain poor economically, socially and educationally and the same time also kept as a formidable vote bank of several pseudo secular political forces. Unless and until minority communities realize the bitter truth that they are being used by these politicians for their political gain and nothing else and the minority communities must reject all those political forces to save India.

Look at the level and standard of Indian politics has touched now with the painful statement of Mamata of TMC. Just to win votes she attempts to divide the society and that too by sitting from the chair of chief minister of a state.

The question before the nation is quite different. Mamata has proven to be the new Judas of India.

Will Raghul Vinci, sorry Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi, a born Christian would support the Judas- Mamata Banerjee? Will all those liberal left voices support Mamata? By linking their protest against CAA with anti-social elements and Judas, are they not betraying the country and its democratic values? Why Shiv Sena is quiet and deaf towards the Judas?

Are the so called liberal left voices are exhibiting their democratic rights or undermining India in the name of protesting against CAA.

The New India can overcome the dangerous trend and anti-Indian intellectual-political-liberalism culture only by Hindus uniting under BJP and Modi. To destroy an evil, united approach and not divided approach is needed. Only by Hindus uniting under BJP, India can be saved.  Muslims or Christians are not the problem creators.  Most of the Muslims and Christians are as Indian as their fellow Hindu. They never live in India as Christian or Muslim or Hindu, they all live in unity, mutual support and compassion to each other. Only some political forces that oppose Modi and Amit Shah are working against India and using minority as their pawn. In the name of vote bank politics, all these political forces are appeasing minority communities, tries to cause cleavage between different religions and make political capital out of such division.

BJP is a party of unity. BJP wants to unite India, unite all communities and religions and achieve sab ka vikas and progress and prosperity of the nation. Only when people totally and completely reject the entire band wagon of opposition and excommunicate them from Indian politics, India can be saved.

Every religion must recognise the truth that the existence of their respective God in the minds and hearts of each one, a satan or devil or evil forces is not necessary. In the kingdom of God, only love, equality and blessings exist and not opposition, protest or dissent.

The governance model of Modi is inclusive, equal opportunity and involvement centric, focused on sab ka vikas and hence people of India should not allow any opposition or negative force against the corruption free governance of Modi because such dissent at best can only derail the progress and prosperity of India.

Let all of us ask various opposition parties whether they support Judas- Mamata Banerjee who wants to denigrate India and betray the political decorum of Indian democracy and parliamentary supremacy.

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