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Politics of fascism

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In today’s time, everyone calls their opponent a ‘Fascist’. Every protest has a common slogan -‘Rise against Fascism’. Every protester uses the term ‘Fascism’ 10 times and people who don’t know the reason of their protest repeat this term 50 times to sound more convincing.

Don’t believe me? Do watch CAA protest videos on twitter. It’s hilarious!

At times, when even Bhallaladev uses the term ‘Fascism’ to convince Katappa against Bahubali, its very important to go beyond this term and analyse the govt policy and works more closely before we make our mind.

Mr. Modi’s policies till date before CAA – not a single policy starting from Scholarship program, LPG distribution, Reservation, Abrogation of Article 370 and on other matter of governance is discriminatory in nature or unconstitutional. But again, Opposition just have one word ‘Fascism’ if you ask to name one policy that’s discriminatory.

CAA – It’s a justice done to religiously persecuted people in 3 islamic nations. Even Congress/ Communists/ Mamta asked for CAA in past and have raised concerns on illegal migrants in parliament earlier. But the term ‘Fascism’ is heard once again on CAA by the same people.

Illegal migrants – Recently, 150 Indians were deported from US. Have you seen protest? No, till there is idea of a nation and boundary, this problem would exist and nations would try different mechanism to minimise the infiltration.

NRC is an idea to tackle this problem. Yes, Assam NRC, conceived by Congress and implemented on SC order was a total disaster. But then Today’s Govt accepts this problem and reason of failures of current NRC system. They have been promising that NRC draft would be much better and would not leave out a single citizen.

But Fear-mongers have begun their job. Instead of waiting to see the draft, analysing, debating those rules, we call Modi a Fascist and happen to oppose CAA act that’s a total justice to persecuted ones.

We should be cautious because many times, Bhallaldev (people with vested interests) plays a victim card, uses the term ‘Fascist’ for Bahubali and convinces Kattappa (citizens) to kill him.

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