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Scholarships for minority students

Why the unfair scholarships for Muslims will lead to more terrorism

he majority community is at the receiving end of stone-pelting by the Muslim minority. Reason? Apparently, the majority community irked the minority by taking religious processions through its neighborhoods.

Unfair scholarships for Muslims and terrorism: Why education won’t help arrest the problem of radicalisation

It appears that the central government’s decision to allot 2.3 crore scholarships to Muslim children was carried out without fully considering a cost-to-benefit analysis and the decision’s long-term implications.

Politics of fascism

Modi's policies till date before CAA - not a single policy starting from Scholarship program, LPG distribution, Reservation, Abrogation of Article 370 and on other matter of governance is discriminatory in nature or unconstitutional.

It is the time we define “Minority” in India

The central schemes for minorities should be based of minorities defined by the state only, which could be any- Religious, Linguistic and Ethnic minority and shall not be discriminating based on religious lines.

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