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A thank you from a Bangladeshi minority

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Thank you on behalf of the Hindus, Buddhist, Christians of Bangladesh. Thank you.

Thank you on behalf of numerous others who are not recognized minorities by the government of Bangladesh.

Thank you on behalf of Rajendralal Roychowdhury, who fended of the Muslim mob from his terrace for an entire day but couldn’t save his two daughters from being raped by Golam Sarwar and his co.

Thank you on behalf of Lalmohan Sen, who fended against the British in 1930 but couldn’t save himself from his neighbors who razed him and his house because he belonged to a different religion.

Thank you on behalf of 30,000 Hindus who were forced to flee from Bagerhat when armed police and Ansars attacked, raped, looted and killed Hindus in the area.

Thank you on behalf of the shop owners whose shops were looted and set ablaze Maulana Tajul Islam.

Thank you on behalf of Bangladesh and India A cricket teams who were playing a game in Dhaka National Stadium when 5,000 “peace-fools” stormed the stadium, causing the match to be cancelled.

Thank you on behalf of the teacher of Diocese of Khulna who was raped by the principal and threatened that her video and photo would be released if she spoke up. (1)

Thank you on behalf of Gopal Krishna Muhuri who was principal of a college, who was shot in his house, while reading the morning newspaper. (2)

Thank you on behalf of nearly 200 women who were raped in one night, where the oldest of them was seventy, and the youngest eight. (3)

Thank you on behalf of the Purnima’s mother who was seeing her 13-year old daughter being raped in front of her, and requested the rapists not to ravage her because she was small, and rape her one-by-one. (4)

Thank you on behalf of Sunil Gomes who was hacked to death for being a Muslim converted to Christianity. (5)

Thank you on behalf of numerous Buddhist monasteries burnt in Ramu, Ukhia, and Patiya over a Facebook post that is enough to break “their” faith. (6)

Thank you on behalf of thousands of houses and temples, monasteries, and churches burned, crushed and yet the those Hindus, Buddhists and Christians who continued to believe that there is hope. (7)

Thank you for providing that hope.

Thank you.

[This doesn’t include even a fraction of all the atrocities caused against the minorities. This is only a written as a “Thank you” note from a Bangladesh to those who worked tirelessly on the Citizenship Amendment Bill. It would be impossible to name all those involved in making the bill come true, therefore I am not mentioning any individual. Finally, I would like to thank media personnel such as Rajdeep Sardesai and Barkha Dutt for either turning a blind eye to the persecution of minorities in the neighboring countries or being completely high and drunk all the time.]

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