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Recollection and revival of our great tradition is not religious majoritarian-ism – Let us begin our mission with Tiruvalluvar

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The recent politics created over Tiruvalluvar, the eternal poet and immortal saint of Hinduism by DMK is quite unfortunate. The present generation must be taught not only about Tirukural but also about Tiruvalluvar. When we refer to the greatness of Tiruvalluvar, we also must explicitly say to the world that Tiruvalluvar was a great Hindu sage, saint and an eternal poet.

Since the period in which the saint had lived is not clear, some assumptions had to be made and accordingly an image of Tiruvalluvar was made way back in 1950’s. But the state of Tamil Nadu came under the rule of DMK from 1967 onwards and from thereon, DMK and its affiliates carefully separated the great Tamil Bhakti tradition of Hinduism and infused a new wisdom among people that only North Indians and Brahmins are Hindus and Tamil people are Drawidians. To foment such politics, Tiruvalluvar was shown in white garb, covering the chest possibly to hide the sacred thread to prevent the future generation to know much about Tiruvalluvar or his Brahmin origin (if so).

The attempt of BJP to present Tiruvalluvar in saffron garb does not seem to put Tiruvalluvar under any caste or community or religious bracket but it is needed to tell people of the world that how DMK has covered the truth about Tiruvalluvar and divided Tamil tradition from Hinduism.

When Christian writers claim Tirivalluvar to be a Christian and according to them, several versus of Tirukural reflects nothing but biblical gospels, the DMK was quite silent. But when BJP attempt to present the truth about Tiruvalluvar and how Tiruvalluvar had promoted the sacred Hindu tenets and devotion over Hindu Gods, DMK seems to develop urticarial reaction in its skin and get offended. The fear of DMK appears to be that the present generation should not know the history of Tamil culture and tradition other than what has been created and promoted by DMK and EV Ramasamy Naicker.

Today even the person in a remote village is well connected by internet and can easily source information whereas the situation was not the same in 1960’s. Therefore DMK could disfigure and change the tradition through promoting certain scribblers as great writers and scholars of Tamil literature and accordingly changed several facts.

Most people in Tamil Nadu ask what if Tiruvalluvar was a Hindu. Why when DMK show such deep love for black colour has to hate and abuse saffron colour? Saffron colour symbolizes purity, truth, saintliness and sage hood. Tiruvalluvar was a sage. Tiruvalluvar was a true disciple of God and an ardent devotee as reflected by his writings.  Hence portraying the eternal poet cum sage Tiruvalluvar in saffron robe with divine ashes on his forehead neither demean the glory of Tiruvalluvar nor reduce the stature the great sage. In fact such portrayal has only corrected the historic error and the intentional blemish created by DMK for its political fortune.

The political controversy raised by DMK has made many people in the state shell shocked to realize the truth how DMK has not even spared Tiruvalluvar to appease minority for its political advantage.

Minority appeasement is being practiced by several political parties in India including congress party and which is bad. But how abusing and demeaning Hinduism as a part of minority appeasement politic can be accepted is the question people of Tamil Nadu are asking to DMK.

DMK has finally entrapped in the net that it had created. DMK would have thought the people of the state are as same as in 1960’s. But in the world of information and internet, DMK has not realized that it cannot play the same old politics to gamble people. Further the dynastic culture is also not going to have any great appeal in Indian politics. Politics of lies, hatred, negativity, minority appeasement, anti-God, anti-Hindu, anti- Hindi are not going to give any dividend to DMK in future.

Further, people also see that revival and recollection of our great Hindu tradition and culture is not majoritarian approach but such revival is necessary to unite India as one country to promote the ideals of tolerance, diversity and development. Only through promoting Hinduism and Hindutwa, we can unite India and not by dividing Hindus under caste system. Tiruvalluvar was part and parcel of our great Hindu culture and tradition and in simple term, was a Hindu sage.

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