Saturday, April 20, 2024


DMK's politics over Tiruvalluvar

The Trojan horse of an HRCE minister

He has announced melting of all temple jewels– donated by Kings, Devotees and Seers over millenniums and convert them into Gold Bars- for safe keeping with RBI!

Tirukural and Modi- The strategy behind Modi’s Tamil push

Modi by his gestures is telling the Tamil population of the country that, see we India has two glorious ancient, culture-rich languages in Tamil and Sanskrit. There is no need of competition between the two, instead what is needed is taking pride in both, instead of one we have two, so we are two times prouder.

Recollection and revival of our great tradition is not religious majoritarian-ism – Let us begin our mission with Tiruvalluvar

The attempt of BJP to present Tiruvalluvar in saffron garb does not seem to put Tiruvalluvar under any caste or community or religious bracket but it is needed to tell people of the world that how DMK has covered the truth about Tiruvalluvar and divided Tamil tradition from Hinduism.

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