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The Trojan horse of an HRCE minister

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Of the three most media visible and articulate functionaries of the new DMK Govt. in Tamilnadu viz., the CM, the Health Minister and the Minister for HR and CE, the surprise entry has been the last one. If you ask an ordinary politically aware citizen of TN, as to if he could remember the name of at least one HR&CE Minister in the last two decades, chances are that most of them will draw a blank.

Because, a) the devout never cared for what is happening in their revered places of worship b) the incumbents were low profile, as mostly someone who was never an assertive personality was inducted into that position c) the suppliant minister was just an adjunct to the Cabinet, never ever vocal. But the current incumbent outclasses all his predecessors on all above metrics- a) he is visible in media, every day b) he has been inducted, as the title mentions, as Trojan Horse and c) has been articulated from 7th May, when he was sworn in.

On the credit side, he has been seen to have been aggressively evicting various illegal occupants of the Hindu temples all over the state almost on a daily basis. Without digging into the antecedents of these encroachers, one can say that there have been sizeable no and extent of evictions/ demolitions resulting in recoveries. So, should the devout stand up and applaud? This is where the need to rip off the veil of the hidden agenda comes in:For starters, the current Govt. had no option as for evictions and reclamations.

The trigger was indeed the path breaking Judgment of the Hon’ble. Madras High Court, delivered on 07/06/21, which reprimanded the role of HR&CE and issued an exhaustive list of detailed Directives numbering 75! The overarching judgement, which has been extensively quoted, inter alia set the agenda for HR&CE to remove all encroachments within the stipulated timeline and report to the Court. This Judgement gave no options to the Govt.

Lest it would invite serious charges of contempt of courts, the Dept. moved into action. Starting off with a major chunk of land illegally occupied by an alleged AIADMK functionary, which parcel was rightfully the property of the very famous Lord Muruga temple at Vadapalani, in the heart of Chennai City! It is almost a daily chore of the Minister, accompanied by his bureaucrats to be seen at one temple or another, ancient or recent, with high revenue or medium. And some of the recoveries which stand out in terms of the acreage as well as the quoted Market Value are: Land leased out to a Trust running a High School, belonging to the ancient Kamakshi Temple Kanchipuram; Several hundred acres of land leased out to the more than century old P.S.High School in Mylapore, Chennai, land owned by the hoary Kapaleeswarar temple, etc.,

So, why should anyone complain? The incumbent is touted as a devout, sporting Tilak and performing pilgrimage to Sabarimala temple fastidiously year after year. So far, so good. But what is happening in the garb of introducing reforms in the Hindu temples, by a member of the Cabinet of a party which expressly is atheist and is headed by a person, who has been casting aspersions on the Hindu way of life, openly in functions of minority religions?

A politician who declines the customary honours accorded to him at temples and in public, drops off the Holy ash given to him at the Mausoleum of the flame icon of nationalism and devotion duality – Netaji’s disciple, Sri. Muthuramalinga Thevar? The following series of actions undertaken by this ministry since coming to power will clearly establish their ulterior motive- to desecrate Hindu temples, derail century old customs and conventions which are derived from Scriptures and essential to preserve the sanctity of these places of worship, and thereby progressively undermine the faith itself:

Appointment of persons from all backgrounds, as Pujaris, even in temples governed by ancient traditions, with least regard to the requirements of necessary background and proper scholarly tutelage. Many of them, before assuming charge, garlanded statue of Mr. E.V. Ramasamy Naiker, who as founder of DK Party had proclaimed that “There is no God and those who believe in God are not only idiots but also barbarians”.

Alleged termination of aged Archakas in such temples abruptly, who have been serving the deities for decades and over several generations- by sheer word of mouth- as the HR&CE never ever bothered to streamline documentation of their services.

Abrupt termination of existing Temple trustees,e.g., in the centuries old Kesava Perumal Vishnu temple in the heart of Mylapore, alleging malpractices. The weird part is that even Trustees who have passed away several years back were terminated! Apart from becoming a laughing stock, the Department had to rescind the said order under strictures form the Madras High Court!

Under the pretext of gender equality, inducted a lady to recite the Hindu Saiva Hymns in a temple- the irony being the existing band of reciters themselves are hardly remunerated, that they fend themselves by alms and charity.

Another “reformist move” was introducing Tamil incantations in even ancient temples- the professed rationale was that “God will listen to the prayers of the devout in the language of their choice” -the camouflage being to delist Sanskrit form temples gradually- Ironic in the sense, the immaculate Tamil Devotional compositions of the Tamil Sages- Aazhwars and Naayanmaars– being recited over millennia are ridiculed and abused by the “Dravidian Stock”- Now the same are paraphrased into nomenclature and these publications released by whom? You guessed it right- none other than by the CM, who by design, will not greet Hindus on any festival, be it Ganesh Chaturthi, or Deepavali but faithfully greet minorities on their festive days!

Revived the ‘Anna Dhanams” (Free Feast) in temples on a 10 AM to 7 PM schedule (this scheme was introduced originally by Jayalalitha)- happily ignoring the Covid protocol -which otherwise is used to close temples lock stock and barrel- even on all important Hindu Festival days, including recent Ganesh Festival. The poster of CM, of course in the backdrop-as if he is funding it. It is funded by temple coffers.

Master stroke comes now: He has announced melting of all temple jewels– donated by Kings, Devotees and Seers over millenniums and convert them into Gold Bars- for safe keeping with RBI!

There were attempts to issue titles of recovered lands to possibly ruling party cronies– under the guise of “Land for Poor- but was temporarily stalled under protests- this would have perpetuated the well documented land grab by DMK functionaries during their previous rule. He is now proposing to build huge shopping malls in lands belonging to temples – you can decipher who will benefit? Realtors connected with ruling family, obviously.

Very understandably, the Minister went on record that hundreds of acres of land belonging to the Agatheeswarar temple in main town Nungambakkam , Chennai, occupied by the Loyola College run by Society of Jesuits is not temple land at all. The matter has been well documented and is sub judice. But the Minister would like to bail out the College which ran into a controversy two years back when it hosted an exhibition vulgarly displaying Hindu Gods and even Bharat Mata! Not to ignore that when Stan Swamy’s ashes were displayed for homage in the same College, the trio of CM, his nephew MP and sister MP paid respects promptly

The deception does not end there. The highly revered Saint and Tamil Poet Thiruvalluvar, who was born in Myalapore and has a temple dedicated to him there, was usurped by the DMK, to portray him as once a relegionless person but at times encouraging research theses proclaiming that he learnt all his morals from St. Thomas, while walking with him on the Marina beach! Now, having white washed him, the latest order is to teach his magnum opus , Thirukkural,( which PM quotes often) in temples along with other scriptures! On one hand he is not a Hindu Saint but his legendary work will be taught in Hindu temples! This is to clandestinely undermine recitation of ancient Tamil scriptures and replace it with the DMK laundered Thirukkural!

Now, are you able to gauge why the Minister is indeed the legendary Trojan Horse? A dhoti clad man, sporting vermillion, who openly acknowledges the CM as his heart felt mentor, a regular Sabarimala pilgrim, is doing everything to demolish the Sanathana Dharma’s principles and practices by these insidious moves of his ministry, cloaking them as reforms but ensuring that the tradition gives way to Dravidian concepts of bogus devotion, eliminate the custodians, undermine scriptures, assume control and turn the abode of the Lord into another set of I Pac designed DMK camps and carnivals. Not sure, if the credit is to be carried over to PK or should be legitimately assigned to the shadow cabinet of The Son, Son in Law, Sister, duly hand held by the hate monger leader of the DK Party of the failed atheist E.V. Ramasamy Naicker?

God Save the Gods of Tamilnadu!

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