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Has the Hindu holocaust/genocide been forgotten by modern Historians?

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The Hindu Exodus under the Islamic Empires has been strategically ignored by most Historians when it comes to framing historical records, leave alone popularising it.

The Hindu Exodus in India began with the entry of Mahumad Ghazni (who vandalized temples in the North and North-Western region of India), and later escalated during the Ghaznavid Dynasty post-998 CE (Source- Saunders, Kenneth (1947). A Pageant of India). It was initially the growing activities of Islamic missionaries who started to convert the locals of Thrissur, Kerala in the guise of Arab traders. Though the missionary work received minor success, the Islamic Caliphate wasn’t satisfied with the slow rate of conversions; leading to the introduction of Jaziya tax on Non-Muslim ‘Infidels’’ to extort money from those who didn’t willingly subscribe to the Islamic ideology in Muslim kingdoms in India.

As per reports from the Archaeological Survey of India, thousands of temples were razed during this dark phase of Indian History (1206 CE – 1857 CE). Temples were replaced by mosques and the locals were made to swallow the “inferiority” of their faith, and the “helplessness” of their Gods since the temples could be broken despite being called “homes of the deities”.

In the 17th Century CE, the fanatic tyrant was born in the Mughal dynasty named Aurangzeb. Aurangzeb was a vicious Jihadist who had utter hatred for the local culture and art. He was the third eldest son of Shah Jahan, and became the emperor after killing his brothers and imprisoning his father. Aurangzeb’s reign is known to be the most horrific and darkest period of Indian History, where the Mughals went all out on local Hindu civilians. It was also the period of Hindu resistance where a massive number of Hindu revolutionaries such as Shivaji, Sikhs and Rajputs resisted the persecution by Aurangzeb.

Aurangzeb had committed the greatest crimes in Human history, with the deaths of millions of Hindu civilians on his hands. Known to have memorised the Quran, Aurangzeb had his army raped, tortured and forcefully converted millions of Hindus to Islam in an attempt to visit heaven after death. During his rule, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj organised a rebellion in the Maratha region of Deccan India using guerrilla warfare techniques. (Source-Pletcher, Kenneth, ed. (2010). The History of India)

In 1670, Aurangzeb had ordered his army to convert the Kashmiri Pandits in the Kashmir valley by force, to which Sikh Guru Tegh Bahadur Singh had bitterly opposed. Guru Tegh Bahadur Sindh challenged the decision of Aurangzeb, and told him that the Kashmiri Pandits would only convert their religion if Aurangzeb managed to convert Guru Tegh Bahadur to Islam. Thereafter, a series of torture techniques were used on Guru Tegh Bahadur Singh, with his associated being executed in gruesome ways before his eyes. Guru Tegh Bahadur Singh did not budge despite his closest friends being killed before him, and yet refused to convert to Islam. On the orders of the emperor, Guru Tegh Bahadur Singh was decapitated, and his head sawed off in public. It is believed that during this heartbreaking incident, the only words that were uttered from Guruji’s tongue was “Waheguruji”. (Source-Sehgal Narender (1994). Converted Kashmir: Memorial of Mistakes)

“Tegh Bahadur, the ninth successor of (Guru) Nanak became a man of authority with a large number of followers. (In fact) Several thousand persons used to accompany him as he moved from place to place. His contemporary Hafiz Adam, a faqir belonging to the group of Shaikh Ahmad Sirhindi’s followers, had also come to have a large number of murids and followers. Both these men (Guru Tegh Bahadur and Hafiz Adam) used to move about in Punjab, adopting a habit of coercion and extortion. Tegh Bahadur used to collect money from Hindus and Hafiz Adam from Muslims. The royal waqia navis (news reporter and intelligence agent) wrote to the Emperor Alamgir [Aurangzeb] of their manner of activity, added that if their authority increased they could become even refractory.”

— Ghulam Husain, Mughal Empire records

In 1689, the eldest son of Shivaji Maharaj and the second Chhatrapati of the Maratha Kingdom, Sambhaji Maharaj was executed by Aurangzeb on his refusal to bow down to Aurangzeb and convert to Islam. When asked to convert, Sambhaji Maharaj reportedly told Aurangzeb that he’d only convert to Islam if he’s married to Aurangzeb’s daughter. Furious with the reply of Sambhaji Maharaj, Aurangzeb ordered the public execution of Sambhaji Maharaj. The Second Chatrapati had his eyes and tongue plucked out, nails pulled and head cut off with an axe. As per Maratha accounts, Sambhaji Maharaj uttered “Har Har Mahadev” while being executed by the devil incarnate. (Source- Narrated by S. B. Bhattacherje on 1 May 2009 as per Maratha Records).

In the southern part of the country, Tipu Sultan (who is wrongly portrayed as a national hero) had started another campaign against the ‘infidels’, with Harihareshwar Temple at Harihar, Varahswami temple in Srirangapatna and the Odakaraya Temple in Hospet being razed to the ground. At a fort in Seringapatam, the following was inscribed on a stone:

“Oh Almighty God! dispose the whole body of infidels! Scatter their tribe, cause their feet to stagger! Overthrow their councils, change their state, destroy their very root! Cause death to be near them, cut off from them the means of sustenance! Shorten their days! Be their bodies the constant object of their cares (i.e., infest them with diseases), deprive their eyes of sight, make black their faces (i.e., bring shame).”

In 1788, Tipu had reportedly ordered his governor in Calicut to begin the forceful conversion of Hindus. By July 1788, 200 Brahmins were forcefully made to eat beef made of cow meat and converted at the tip of the sword. The Nishan-e-Haidari places a number of 70,000 Hindus being made to convert under Tipu Sultan with forced circumcision and force-feeding of beef to Hindus.

In the 14th Century CE, Sultan Sikandar Butshikan of Kashmir began the mass-murder of Kashmiri Pandits, with him ordering his commanders to break all the idols and temples that they find. As per Tareek-i-Firishta, many del respecting Brahmins decided to kill themselves by consuming poison than have their religion forcefully converted by these barbaric invaders. Many Kashmiri Hindu articles that could be called as masterpieces were destroyed during this period.

“Many of the Brahmins, rather than abandon their religion or their country, poisoned themselves; some emigrated from their native homes, while a few escaped the evil of banishment by becoming Mahomedans. After the emigration of the Bramins, Sikundur ordered all the temples in Kashmir to be thrown down. Having broken all the images in Kashmir, (Sikandar) acquired the title of ‘Destroyer of Idols”

In 1543, the King of Portugal on the request of St. Francis Xavier performed an inquisition in Goa, where Hindus were buried under hot burning tar, nails broken and put “on the wheel” (the “wheel” was an instrument that crushed the bones of the victim after tying them to a wheel like structure). (Source- L’Inquisition De Goa)

In 1947, when Sardar Vallabhai Patel began uniting all Indian princely states, the Nizam of Hyderabad sanctioned the creation of All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (the current president of AIMIM is Assaudin Owaisi), which raised a group of Islamic barbarians named the “Razakars”. The Razakars raised a private militia and invaded Hindu settlements of rural Telegana and  massacred, killed, raped and converted thousands of Hindu civilians. This was done in an attempt to ensure Hyderabad becomes a part of Pakistan. (Source- History and Culture of Andhra Pradesh: From the Earliest Times to 1991, New Delhi: Sterling Publishers, 2012)

These historical events have been ignored by most of the modern day Historians for their own political ambitions.

The History textbooks that we study in school only dedicated a few pages for the brave warriors who protected their dharma despite being put under the most gruesome tortures that humankind has ever seen, while dedicated 7–8 chapters for the Mughals and the empires of other Islamic invaders.

It’s time we realise that we are Hindu because our ancestors were not cowards, and didn’t have the greed of money or grains to sell their dharma.

Be proud of your ancestry, be proud of your dharma.

Never forget what your ancestors have been through to protect our tradition and culture.

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