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Support PM Modi to fulfill the dreams of Mahatma Gandhi

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It is believed that on the day of Onam in Kerala, the King Mahabali would visit Kerala to bless the people. Onam is celebrated in Kerala with great joy and unity.

Today India is celebrating 150th birth day of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our nation. Mahatma Gandhi was a sage, dedicated his life to India, followed the path of truth and Dharma, believed firmly in God- especially, Lord Ram and promoted cleanliness for both our body and mind, worked for sab ka vikas, it means the development of our society with complete values of sacred Indian culture called Hinduism. In fact Gandhi always saw the existence of a mahatma in every soul in the universe.

If Gandhi ever visits India today, he has more reasons to be happy and joyful than be sad as most of his dreams and wishes are getting fulfilled through Narendra Modi. Like Gandhi, Modi is also a very simple person, a sage who follows the path of truth and honesty, promotes the sacred culture of India- Hinduism and sanadana dharma, wants to remove corruption and poverty from India and wants to achieve clean India etc. Gandhi always believes that villages are the soul of our nation. PM Modi too has recognised the above truth of Gandhi and that is why soon after he came to power in 2014, made a big transformation in villages by building toilets to millions of poor people, provided electricity, drinking water, and opened bank account so that the subsidies and other benefits are directly transferred to the bank account of poor people.

Another aspect of comparison between Modi and Mahatma is quite interesting. On the year of India celebrating the 150 birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our nation, PM Modi too was referred by US president as father like person of India. In all respect, PM Modi deserve such phrase because Modi not only follows the maxims of Gandhi but is also implementing and executing each of the dreams of Gandhi.

A true follower is not the one who remembers the teachings of his or her master but also practice and implement for the benefit of larger section of people. PM Modi uses his office as Prime Minister of India to serve humanity, uplift the life of poor and downtrodden people and make India the land of truth and honesty. Gandhi believed that people can be reformed and made conscious of their humanly responsibilities and duties only through promoting spiritualism, divinity and teachings. By following the Hindu scriptures and civilization one can easily attain divinity. PM Modi too is re-invoking the sacred cultural identity of India- Hinduism to promote patriotism and social justice and to eliminate caste divisions and corruption.

India was ruled by congress party for about 50 years. Although Gandhi wants to dismantle congress party post-independence, but by the time the congress party has become a family property and no more the party of great freedom fighters. As a result of family ownership of congress party, instead of patriotism to our nation, several congress men started to express competitively their patriotism to one family. Congress has progressively reduced to the stature of sycophant’s club where several gentlemen of leisure rule the party by paying floral tributes to one family.

Those divine soul, a true mahatma, totally committed leader, an embodiment of honesty and probity participated in our freedom struggle, our present generation would not have seen but PM Modi is filling the space with right reasons and that is why Modi is mahatma and father of New India; the India that people wants to be free from corruption, scam, dynastic politics and nepotism, negativity and hatred. Spirituality and Hinduism are the solution for universal peace and brotherhood.

PM Modi is the second Mahatma or may be the re-birth of our first Mahatma. India should pledge its unconditional support to Modi to eliminate all negative forces, dynastic politics and corruption. While celebrating the 150th birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, let us also felicitate Mahatama Modi for fulfilling all most all dreams of Gandhi. Let us support and pray for Modi’s good health and long life to save India from corrupt, dynastic forces and tukde tukde gangs.

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