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Pandemonium of opposition from nothing to everything

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The sick and tired opposition parties in India, especially the party that was led by the bumper looser ‘dynast the great’ in 2019 parliament election and many self-attested left wing intellectuals are running from self-made confusion to chaos, from a state of panic to pandemonium.

They are unfortunately mixing different the lyrics, ragas why even the Shruti while singing their song to people of India. One for their age old accusations is that PM Modi has not changed anything starting from poverty to corruption to what not. At the same time the opposition parties also come up with another accusation that Modi has changed the entire fabric of India. How it is possible that nothing has changed in India to everything has changed accusation of the opposition parties?

The opposition parties have not only lost their relevance and voice in recent times but also have gone blind, deaf and mute towards truth that Modi has changed Indian politics from corruption to honest governance.

Most of them seem to be in the state of stupor and nude & naked to the new age of development centric politics of Modi. Most of the opposition parties are so intoxicated and enervated with anti-Modi fever and therefore anything and everything they see in India as creation of Modi. If there is heavy rain or no rain, flood or scarcity of water, severe winter or not, for everything the opposition parties wants to accuse Modi. Without criticising Modi their day can neither be born nor can end.

The recent utterance of the un-teachable dynast during Maharastara election campaign has attracted the attention of everyone in India because India is enjoying the great entertainment of Rahul Gandhi after a gap of several months. Rahul Gandhi was mocking at the mission of make India initiated by PM Modi. How can Rahul Gandhi mock the mission of make in India and make fun in saying it had failed? Is this way a responsible opposition party would behave in any country in the world? 

The growing problem of unemployment is mostly due to India becoming either a service provider or a mere consumer. Only when we start to export make in India mission, our economy and the problem of unemployment can be answered. Therefore India must attract investors and ensure India shall be the best destination of investors and manufacturing activity. Further Indians also must shift and transform from employee mind set to entrepreneur so that they can explore and exploit all their creative talents in the manufacturing area.

The way China has grown in manufacturing sector and has taken the economy of China to a great trajectory, India too can achieve much more easily than any other country because the availability of educated, creative, intelligent youths in India is quite high than any other country. PM Modi is working tirelessly to energise people to become entrepreneurs and reforming the governance intoto so that government shall remain guide and guardian to all entrepreneurs in India.

As a responsible political party, congress should promote and support the mission – make in India because success of India should be the goal of congress party and not the failure of the mission so that the dynast can make some politics out of it.

All the missions and reform initiatives PM Modi has taken only to transform India and make India a great land and the governance free from corruption, nepotism, dynastic politics and sab ka vikas and not for the vikas of one family.

Millions and millions of people in Indian have understood the sincere intent and commitment of PM Modi and hence are supporting PM Modi and rejecting all opposition parties including the un-teachable dynast.

Most of opposition parties have gone mad, perverse and become eccentric due to their unfound phobia towards Modi. Due to such phobia the opposition parties are willing to go to any extent to score some political points and even if such political pleasure warrants them to malign and betray of own country. That is why the opposition parties have raised doubt over Balakot surgical strike, nullification of article 370 etc. Some of the opposition parties find great enjoy and entertainment from Pakistan when it abuses India because some opposition parties seem to believe that Pakistan when it attacks India, it attacks Modi and hence some opposition parties even support Pakistan for the above reason.

Some of the media houses exhibit extra-ordinary pleasure to make the report viral that the hunger index in India is quite high due to enormous population. They feel that through hyping the reported high hunger index, they can malign Modi. It is the responsibility of everyone starting from those who wish to limits their responsibility only report all news no in a honest manner but in convoluted and distorted manner also must owe to the nation that they also must do their bit to remove poverty.

People of India must be extra vigilant towards all those negative and evil forces.  Lucifer is likely to look bright because only when the evil force come in glittery colour can attract people. Time has come people of India must vote out all opposition parties because good governance by a noble leader need no opposition. Like God and godliness to remain, we do not need ghost and demons.

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