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Modi disproved the proverb “written laws are like spiders’ webs; they will catch, it is true, the weak and poor, but would be torn in pieces by the rich and powerful”

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The Delhi High Court has denied the bail application of P Chidambaram who is in Tihar jail in connection with INX media money laundering case. The strongly worded observation of the court in denying bail has brought new hope to millions of poor Indians that law and justice are still alive in India thanks to PM Modi. The denial also indicates something is rotten in Denmark which P Chidambaram and congress party has lot to worry.

Unless the material evidences provided by the investigating agencies have strong merit, the court would not have convinced and denied bail to P Chidambaram who has great influence, money power and muscle power in Indian politics.

The court also stated in the judgement that the investigation has reached the advanced stage therefore considering the might of Chidambaram, the possibility of him tampering evidences cannot be ruled out. The investigating agencies have submitted evidences supporting how Chidambaram has influenced certain key witnesses not to speak anything against him or his son, as reported by the media.

The bail denial to P Chidambaram although is not a verdict against him proving he is guilty but certainly give some hope to the ordinary citizen that the reason for the denial is only the tip of the iceberg and something is rotten in Denmark which is yet to unearth by the agencies. The explicit reason cited for the denial suggests that some strong case is there which the court does not want to dilute by granting bail to Chidambaram who might influence the case to his favour. The point is not about whether P Chidambaram would do but according to the court, he is capable, powerful and such possibility cannot be ruled out.

PM Narendra Modi is very firm against the national evil called corruption and nepotism. UPA 1 and 2 were the most corrupt government ever India had based on the allegations such 2G, Adharsh, CWG, coal block allocation, Aircel Maxis etc. India was tattered and destroyed by the concept of coalition government where several tukde tukde gangs like DMK has kept the central government under its whiplash because congress was in desperate need of DMK to run the government.  Although congress party made an investigation against 2G allocation but the investigation turns out to be a cosmetic gesture and not meant to unearth the truth. PM Modi must speed up the investigation by engaging the honest officials and must establish whether the observation of Roy, the former Comptroller General has any truth. Mr. Roy is a very honest official therefore a proper re-investigation on 2G may bring out shocking revelations and end certain style of politics in India.

Politicians and political parties under congress rule had a very callous and casual approach towards scam may be due to the fact that everyone in the conglomeration was close relatives of corruption and scam. Therefore even if some investigation was constituted, the investigating agencies would not have been given freedom and also the politicians knew how to subvert the investigation. Such belief and conviction several tukde tukde gangs had mainly because Indians had given fractured mandate, thereby coalition for corruption got established. But PM Modi has changed the scene dramatically. It was possible for PM Modi because PM Modi came to power with the blessings of people of India and that of Lord Ram.

PM Modi dedicated his life to the nation, sab ka vikas, development, corruption free governance, governance free of nepotism and dynastic politics, national security, accountability and responsibility among various government machineries, complete freedom to the investigating agencies and equal treatment to both rich and poor.

The developments that are taking place in various investigations involving several big guns in Indian politics has already rattled some political force in Tamil Nadu which has been spreading negativity, lies, anti-God, anti-Hindu, anti-Hindi rhetoric. Now the corrupt force has started to shiver as the investigating agency is going to unbundle the scam and soon would nail the corrupt.

PM Modi has disproved the proverbial saying that “written laws are like spiders’ webs; they will catch, it is true, the weak and poor, but would be torn in pieces by the rich and powerful”. Under Modi, even the richest and mightiest also would receive same treatment if they are guilty. Like Lord Krishna, PM Modi has come to Indian politics to establish the rule of dharma, honesty and truth and to punish all those criminals and corrupt forces that looted our nation. Hope people of Tamil Nadu would support Modi to save the state from corrupt, dynastic forces and establish the glory of Tiruvalluvar, Andal and Tirugnana Sambandar.

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