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Is Rahul Gandhi often display ‘mundiri-k-kottai’ (முந்திரிக்கொட்டை) behaviour?

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In Tamil language the phrase ‘mundiri-k-kottai’ (cashew nut) is often referred to a person’s behaviour which is not only immature, but also ill-intended and unintelligent.

In normal practice the nut or seed are always formed inside a fruit or vegetable which is surrounded by edible flesh or epicarp but cashew is an exception where the nut is protruded outside of the fruit. Whenever a person who tries to make his or presence felt much more than needed and too loud to prove he is first and the best are called ‘mundiri-k-kottai’. Such people often make comments and statements just to ensure that they are first to have some idea or rhetoric. More often such people make statements which are not verified, factually correct and reflect complete truth.

During Maharashtra assembly election campaign the dynast of the congress party Shri Rahul Gandhi recalled the name of Abhijit Banerjee the one of the recipient of Nobel Prize in Economics just to prove that the Nobel laureate only has designed the NYAY poll promise of congress party. The dynast made such statement soon after Abhijit Banerjee was awardee with Nobel Prize in Economics.

Look at the total disconnect of his statement. NYAY was the poll promise of congress party in the last parliament election which was rejected by people because if such programme were to be implemented, the tax payers have be juiced further. Further no one believed congress or its poll promises. The relevance of NYAY in the recent Maharashtra assembly election is poor but still the dynast wants to make such statement because he does not have anything else to say to the people of Maharashtra.

Recently the Nobel laureate Abhijit Banerjee has openly stated that he had only provided some data of his study to congress party and did not design or consult NYAY. In one stroke the dynast wants to make his political fortune by glamor-ing his speech that congress party has consulted the Nobel Prize winner, its NYAY programmed and catch the attention of Maharashtra electorates. Unfortunately no one understands why the dynast makes such mess which later found to be half-true and affects his credibility which is already low?

When Maharashtra BJP proposed highest civilian award for Vir Savarkar, one of the icons of our freedom struggle and the fulcrum of our unity in diversity, the dynast had made some irresponsible statement through its spokes persons which was later diluted by Manmohan Singh. At one end the dynast tries to prove his Brahmin DNA, Shiv Bhakti and temple hopping and at the other end he is engaged in minority appeasement politics and abusing and hurting Hindu sentiments.

Virsavarkar is the soul of Hindu civilization unity. Virsavarkar was carefully removed off from the history by congress party and made cleverly that India belongs to one family and only the one family had fought for India’s independence.

The immature and ill-intended attempts of the dynast to capture the claps of the audience and prove that he is the first to come up with certain facts are actually backfiring at his political wisdom and proving his ignorance and lack of any idea.

In politics it is not ‘mundiri-k-kottai’ behaviour, clear leadership, vision, wisdom and decency are needed. Opposing someone just for the sake of opposing should not be followed in politics but must follow some prudent logic to oppose or differ.

The question is how long the dynast shall remain kidult or kadult in Indian politics. How long the congress party is going to carry the baggage called pariwar and going to ruin its relevance.

The sepals that protect the flower bud in the beginning gets removed when the flower is about to blossom and the beautiful petals too gets removed when the fruit is about to emerge. Therefore what was important and essential yesterday need not be continued today and hence it must be removed and discarded to move forward in tune with changing time. Before people of India make India congress mukt, congress must free itself from the burden of one family, must have Ganga snan so that congress shall exist at least as sixth finger in Indian politics.

People of India are with Modi because people want development, corruption free governance, governance free from dynastic politics and nepotism and sab ka vikas. To become God or Godly, one must follow God and spiritual path. Similarly the congress party must follow Modi, respect him and support him and only then congress party can gain some level of credibility.

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