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Bharata rajya must uphold the letter and spirit of Ram rajya, support Modi, make India great

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Time has come, everyone who supports Modi must think, feel and do things like how Bharata ruled Ayodhya when Lord Ram was in forest for long 14 years.

Modi cannot directly rule all states in India when he is the Prime Minister of India. Therefor all those who rule different states belong to BJP must reflect the true spirit and letter of Ram Rajya.  Modi has transformed India from a state of scams and corruptions promoted and established by UPA 1 and 2 to corruption free, honest, sab ka vikas centric governance. Modi is the first Prime Minister to govern the state absolutely free of corruption, dynastic interferences and nepotism.  Terrorism, divisive forces, negative elements etc., were isolated from Indian politics and so is the politics of dynasty and sycophancy under Modi regime.

Bharata took over the reins of Ayodhya when Lord Ram was exiled to forest for 14 years due to Kaikeyi, the mother of Bharata. Bharata when learned about the incident bluntly disapproved the actions of both his mother and her maid, Manthira. Then Bharata went to the forest to plea to Lord Ram to come back to Ayodhay. When Lord Ram refused to budge, Bharata took his sandals and installed the sandals of Lord Ram the kingdom and ruled Ayodhay as a nominee of Lord Ram.  Even today no mention of any distinguishable difference in Ayodhya when Bharata ruled and when Lord Ram ruled because the spirit and letter of Ram rajya only Bharata followed during the entire 14 years when Lord Ram was in forest. Bharata never identified himself to be different from Lord Ram. That is why even today we do not find any temple for Bharata because Bharata is always seen as part and parcel of Lord Ram.


Every BJP Chief Minister must uphold the high standards of Modi, must deliver honest, transparent governance, governance free of dynastic pressure, nepotism and must focus on sab ka vikas ethos of Modi. Modi should be followed not only as the guiding force but also must be followed as an apostle of New India and must rule the state without causing even an iota of ignominy to the trueness of Modi.

The same fire that ignites different lamps must reflect the same light. Modi is reforming and transforming the state and changing the mind set and thinking patter of everyone in the country. Only collectively and not in isolation, a new India can be built. Therefore people must develop Desh Bhakti is the clear political insight of Modi whereas several political parties like INC, DMK etc., promote pariwar bhakti and sycophancy for own political gratification. Instead of caste, people must focus on our great ancient tradition and culture called Hinduism so that every Indian think, feel and conduct more as Indian than with any other sense of feeling or conviction.

Modi is the first prime minister of India to address the very basic needs of poor people since independence such as toilet facility, cooking gas connection, bank account, drinking water facility, electrification, proper housing etc.


Congress party has ruined the country by promoting family interest and corruption along with several corrupt regional parties. But Modi has saved India from the dangerous claws of several divisive forces that were promoting corruption, scams, nepotism, dynastic politics and minority appeasement. People are extremely grateful to Modi and that is why India has re-elected Modi with massive majority again in 2019 and defeated the un-teachable dynast and his politics of lie and negativity.

India is in every sense marching towards Ram rajya, soon the people can hope a favourable verdict from the Honourable Supreme Court of India for building Ram temple at Ayodhya the birth place of Lord Ram.

All supporters of Modi must realize that every mistake they commit consciously or inadvertently are going to delay the great mission of Modi to make India a great land. Only when everyone sync with the vision of Modi and work for fulfilling the mission of Modi selflessly, we can make India a great country and ensure the continuation of Ram Rajya by Modi.  Let us think, feel and act like Bharata so that Indian shall flower and blossom under Modi.

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