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Old guards, Young Turks, Gentlemen of Leisure, Kadult, Kidult Leadership…… problem of congress is not treatable

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The problem of congress party is not simple or is related with not in power. Not every congress aspires for electoral power. Many do compete to be in the corridor to power than be in power as MLA or MP or Minister etc., and some in the party do fight unto death to remain in the visible range of the family as the best sycophant ever the family can have. But the interesting point is that although the colour and flavour of the aspiration of different groups in congress may look different like some wants to become MLA or MP or President of the state unit or be in the corridor to power or be a well-recognized sycophant, the ultimate goal of all of them is same.

When one enjoys power as either MLA or MP or Minister or favourite of the family or in the corridor of power, all of them can wield power, according to the niche each one occupies.

The biggest problem of congress is not the fight between old guard and young leaders or the problem of changing to the tune of time and political reality. The some of the old guards are looking for power to them or to their children and are therefore quite clear about it and for them whether the party is led by kidult dynast or his mother both are fine as their goal is clear. Even the sister of the dynast or the son-in-law of the family is fine. All they want is power, meaning be an MLA or MP or Minister.

But the problem of those sitting in the corridor of power and competing to prove loyalty through extreme display of sycophancy to the family are quite different. For them only the family should control the party and not anyone else with proven merit and mass base. All those sitting in the corridor to power and as sycophants, they wants to retain their power and that necessarily not comes to them from electoral gain. Only when the party loses power all these sycophants and those sitting in corridor to power can be useful otherwise only those who won the election will be holding the whip. Therefore those gentlemen of leisure would be happy if congress loses for a while so that they shall remain relevant and not those got defeated in the election.

The unfortunate part is that no one is attending the kidult, kadult dynast and giving his some sense. Instead of teaching good politics, the dynast must be taught about how to have common sense, how to free from hate and negativity mongering, how not to utter something and display ignorance, unintelligence and rightly said so the TIME magazine ‘Un-Teachable cult.

Congress men know what really ails them the most and how to treat it. But unfortunately it is difficult to treat because the doctor who attempts to treat the disease of the congress would be the first one to fall victim to the disease, it means, he or she if voice out against the stupidities of the dynast would be removed from the party. All those who had have the power to get party ticket to contest election in the party have power only to fill the exchequer of the party but the real power lies in the hands of those sitting in the corridor of power and those proven sycophants.

The above obvious reasons really pushing all those congress leaders who want to contest election and win to join other parties while the most un-winnable lot are turning out as most efficient and capable sycophants, singing and composing songs for the family in different ragas.

We must recognise the absolute truth that the dynast shall remain kadult and kidult as he is deeply suffering from Peter pan syndrome which looks like congenital in origin. Therefore treating the dynast is not possible but what the congress party can do is, to isolate him, insulate him from public appearance and prevent him from displaying his deep seated ignorance and negative state of mind against Modi.

With the support of tukde tukde gangs, kidult leadership, club sycophants and gentlemen of leisure in congress wants grab power in India which not going to be possible for congress party.

Modi has transformed India, elated the social, economic, educational and philosophical status of millions of poor people in India, proved to the people how to take India forward with governance is free from corruption, nepotism, dynastic politics. People of India must continue to support Modi to save India from all those divisive forces which wants to grab power to loot the nation whereas Modi wants to achieve sab ka vikas and corruption free India.

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