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From poster bravery to total surrender – Defeat of DMK is better for DMK than AIADMK to end dynasty culture & family ownership

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After the massive victory of parliamentary election the owner of the DMK party felt so proud that his leadership has only carved such victory and all those aligned with DMK became the natural beneficiary of his leadership charisma which was well support by his son and other family members.

Such feeling of arrogance has even percolated down to the second line of leadership in DMK and that is why TN Nehru had made a sarcastic comment on congress party that why should DMK carry the palanquin for congress which in turn can’t win even a single seat without the mercy of DMK. The ground truth DMK forgot to recognise was that it was the congress party that had enabled DMK to achieve such a massive victory and DMK on its own would not have won even a single seat. At best DMK can only plant and propagate negative propaganda, hate mongering and anti-Modi rhetoric and people of the state are better enthused with EPS than with Stalin.

The growing buttress of family clout around Stalin is progressively eroding the base of other prominent leaders in DMK. Although they exist in DMK but their existence looks more symbolic than significant as the centre stage of party is being taken over by the family. From dynasty culture to family ownership is being witness and experienced by several prominent leaders and that is how several reports surfaces in various print and electronic media. Certainly people of the state also perceive that the family has stolen the thunder from most of the prominent leaders of DMK.

TN Nehru as a part of growing arrogance of DMK after parliamentary victory went to an extent to say why DMK should carry the palanquin for congress party as the congress party can’t win even a single seat if the party contest alone. But the ground truth is that without the alliance with VCK, congress and left, DMK cannot win even a single seat in Tamil Nadu and AIADMK headed by EPS is gaining the ground significantly through his good governance and several social welfare schemes like Amma and MGR. Further the son of Stalin openly asked the congress party to give up the Nanguneri constituency to DMK as DMK can win easily than the congress party.

The heightened arrogance like the popular saying ‘pride goes before a fall’, DMK won the victory in a humiliating way in Vellore parliamentary constituency election. People of the state punished the DMK and also ensured that without alliance DMK can’t win even a single seat in the state.

The situation has proved that DMK is in need of alliance than the alliance parties. Even if VCK or MDMK or congress party or left has to suffer defeat, such defeat is not going to make these parties irrelevant in Tamil Nadu politics instantaneously but another defeat will certainly wipe out DMK from the political map of Tamil Nadu. The fear of such truth has gripped the neck of Stalin so firmly and that is why Stalin has surrendered before congress party and showed extra magnanimity to give away Nanguneri constituency to congress party than show ugly face of arrogance and invincibility of DMK.


The same Stalin may come for an inclusive DMK culture by giving utmost importance to all DMK leaders, yielding more to the merit than nepotism and recommendation letter of his family and also may extent the olive branch to project DMK as equal opportunity employer than a family show.

Such possibility can be expected not when DMK wins the Vikkavandi constituency. Even if DMK wins Vikkaravandi constituency, nothing is going to change for DMK and it would continue to sit in opposition bench, engage in street protest, anti-Hindi sloganeering and rhetoric etc., and nothing else. On the other hand if DMK loses, certainly such defeat would shatter the top leadership of DMK than the party or the second line leaders. Such defeat would certainly infuse fear in Stalin and would make him to ponder whether he could become chief minister of the state at least for a day? Such weak and worried Stalin alone can accommodate the importance, prominence and significance of second line of leaders otherwise the family is only going to steal the show.

Therefore the defeat of DMK will make Stalin a better leader, more accommodative, more submissive, inclusive, where every voice in DMK will have audience and response. The defeat of DMK is equally necessary for the alliance partners because the victory is not going to make any great difference but the defeat can certainly make their role significant and their voice more powerful. Every alliance partner can become kingmaker so DMK has to come for coalition government than single party dominance.


From the point of view of people of the constituency, electing AIADMK makes better sense so that the constituency would benefit a lot.

The alliance partners of DMK, DMK cadres and second line of leaders must work in cohesion to defeat DMK or should make the task of AIADMK quite easy. Remember sometime defeat and loss will be more profitable in long run.

BJP and the honest leadership of PM Modi are gaining ground in Tamil Nadu and by 2021; BJP is going to be a force to reckon with in Tamil Nadu too.

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