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Corruption of congress has only landed India’s economy to this state, let us accept the truth

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Every autoimmune disease has a definite window period. Even the cancer also passes through a cycle from first stage to the terminal metastasis stage. Therefore, early diagnosis and treatment is given on time, even the cancer can be treated completely. The slump faced by Indian economy is the consequence of wrong policies and rampant corruptions of UPA 1 and 2. If UPA 1 and 2 had focused a little on governance than corruption and scams thanks to coalition compulsion and Banks were not politicied to give loan knowing well to all those who would not repay had sunk our banks and NPA has heaped like Himalayan mountain. The final manifestation what we see today is the real gift of congress party which Narendra Modi is fixing through harsh measures.

Many business activities have been running in the country without any accountability, checks and balances thanks to the rampant political patronage. Tax evasion, black money conversion, over charging, shell hosting etc., were so rampant until demonetization and implementation of GST were done. Similarly, until IBC was enacted, all those looters were on free run and no investigating agency or the bank can pursue them because their political master would then appear in the scene to protect them. Finally, all those loans would be written off as non-performing assets or bad loans and were not shown even in the balance sheet. But PM Modi took a different stand on this and proclaimed that no one would be allowed to swindle our country and all those scamsters and corrupts will be punished and all that money they owe to the nation will be confiscated. The above stringent measure of Modi govt. has broken the heart of several corrupt syndicates and their bosses in politics. Most of those corrupts tried their best to paste a different India so that the innocent people of this country are diverted and again made to elect them than the honest PM Modi back in power in 2019. But people of India made a very wise decision and re-elected Narendra Modi with thumping majority.

Treatment for any sickness would be sometime bitter, may warrant surgery and prolonged hospitalization. The most common treatment strategy for even diabetes mellitus is to avoid eating of high starch and sugar rich food. Most of the time the treatment and doctor’s prescription would be more painful than the real disease. But only by complying to the prescription, the patient can recover.

Today PM Modi has taken the perfect role of a doctor and is fixing the economy by several means.  By showcasing something cosmetically just to attract the audience and receive the claps from the gallery is the way of style of Modi. He always diagnose the problem from its root, its origin, various manifestations and finally how the treatment is compounding the problem is deeply analysed.

Root cause of the problem that our country was facing till 2014 was corruption. Corruption by the congress government since 1947 has corroded our economy but the congress party has shown the economy – the termite mount, as a real mountain range and was fooling the people. But PM Modi when came to power in 2014, broke the myth, destroyed the mystical termite mount economy gifted to our nation by the dynastic politics of congress party and then started to build the economy of our country by arresting all doors and windows for the corrupts and looters.

Tax evaders, black money holders, bribe takers, hawala trans actors, benami actors, wilful bank loan defaulters etc., were taken into task by PM Modi. As a result of the above initiative, the market started to face a slump which is imminent because what was made to believe about our economy by congress party was totally false and fabricated.

The one and the only cause for the problems in our economy is corruption and scam by the congress government. Just by arresting the corruption and scam in our country by 5 years we cannot set right the destruction our economy over several decades of corruption and scams by congress government.

People of India who aspire for corruption free India must educate the society not to believe the opposition parties and the propaganda of tukde tukde gangs and instead must recognize that it was the congress party and family politics that has destroyed India and its economy. PM Modi alone can save India from this crisis, he has vision, determination and is also the embodiment of honesty and truth.

People must extend their unconditional support to PM Modi to make India a great land of peace and diversity. Hinduism and Hindutwa alone can make the country great and therefore the essence of our sacred Hindu culture we must promote and perpetuate for the universal brother hood and peace.

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